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How to Get Around Naples Without Driving

Transportation around town might not always be easy for seniors especially if they don’t have a car or can no longer drive. It can feel isolating to not be able to freely run your errands or get to appointments. Fortunately, Naples has plenty of options when it comes to transportation. Whether you prefer buses, taxis, or even ride-sharing services, you can find a whole host of options to fit your needs and your budget.

Collier Area Transit

For Naples Florida, Collier Area Transit (CAT) handles all of the public transportation, which includes buses, paratransit, and Medicaid Transport. Seniors with disabilities can use the paratransit service, which is not a fixed route bus, but can take you directly to your destination as well as accommodate those in wheelchairs and other mobility devices. The Medicaid transport is for non-emergency transportation and is handled through Bluebird Transportation Inc. Seniors 65 and older can ride any bus for a discounted fare, but you just need to make sure you have a valid form of ID.

Ride-Sharing Services

Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are available in Naples and all you need to schedule a ride is a smartphone or computer. These services are a lot like a taxi and will take you straight to your destination no matter where it is in town. You can use their app or go online to find your ride. If you aren’t able to do this, you can have a tech-savvy loved one handle it for you even if they aren’t there with you. Make sure you understand their fares though because due to “surge-charging” during peak travel times, prices will be higher.

Taxi Services

If you don’t feel comfortable using Uber or Lyft, taxis are another great way to get around Naples. They will also take you directly to your destination so you don’t have to walk and many companies will allow you to call ahead and schedule a ride. Taxi Pam and Car Service, Taxi Time, and Turbo Cab are all available in Naples and while they could be a little pricey some services will offer a senior discount if you ask.

In-Home Caregiver Rides

With more seniors choosing to get health care in their own homes, many providers are expanding their services to include transportation. This is great for both the seniors and their families because they will have someone they know with them at all times to help in case of an emergency. If you already have an in-home caregiver, see if they can help with your transportation needs. Some might only offer emergency rides but others can help with appointments, groceries, and other errands. Comfort Keepers in Naples is a provider that offers transportation.

Additional Senior Transportation Resources

Safe and Mobile Seniors is an organization based in Florida that helps seniors find transportation services in their city. To find all the transportation services available in your area, you just have to enter in your county and then specify what type of transportation you need and where.

Safe and Mobile Seniors also has a lot of other resources to help with mobility senior safety, travel training, and transportation facts and data.

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