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Senior-Friendly Workplaces in Minneapolis

As you get older, you might start to think about the changes going on in your life and one of those changes might be your job. Maybe you’re not quite ready to retire yet but you need to find a new job or want to start a new career. You might think that it’s too late and while a 2015 study conducted by AARP did show that older workers tend to work fewer hours and receive a lower salary, that doesn’t have to be the case. Minnesota and the city of Minneapolis has a lot of resources for older workers to make job transitions easier and less stressful.

Resources for Seniors Looking For Jobs

The first step in starting your job search is knowing where to look, and if you haven’t had to look for a new job in a while, this could be confusing. The Minnesota Board on Aging has a program called Start Minnesota! which has a program that is geared towards older workers. They understand the value and experience you can bring to potential employers and can help you find the right match for your skills.

The Resource Employment Action Center has services for adult job seekers that are free and range from one-on-one counseling to workshops. They want to prepare you as much as possible so you can find the best job as soon as possible. Hired is another group here in Minneapolis that offers training and education for a wide variety of adult workers, including those that have been laid off or displaced.

Quint Careers offers services like free resume templates and job listings for older workers and Senior Job Bank has a list of all jobs that are popular in your area.

Job Training for Low-Income Seniors

Many of the programs listed above have opportunities for low-income seniors and while they offer valuable education and information, they do not necessarily offer a paycheck. Luckily Minnesota has partnered with the Senior Community Service Employment Program which can help fill that need.

The SCSEP is a federal program that is for citizens that are 55 or older and meet a certain income level. The program works by looking at your job goals and placing you in a subsidized job in the community based on those goals. You will get on the job training while still earning a paycheck. Once your training is complete, then you will get assistance with job placement.

Not only do you get experience and paid training with this program you get the chance to network and serve your community which is a plus for everyone involved.

More Job Options for Senior Job-Seekers

There are still, even more, resources available to senior job-seekers here in Minneapolis. The AARP Foundation is a good online resource and they are geared for older workers both in the field and looking to re-enter the workplace. Minnesota Career Pathways has a list of educational resources for all different kinds of workers like those with disabilities and a whole range of services for veterans.

Veterans can also check with the Department of Employment and Economic Development for more services made for those who have served our country. Finally, if you’re thinking about starting your own business you can get consultation services through the same department.

Changes happen as we age and if your job is one of those changes, you don’t have to worry about it being a difficult process. With a little bit of help and support, it can be easier than you think.

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