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Minneapolis Support Groups for Caregivers

Finding a support group is a struggle for many caregivers in the Minneapolis area. Caregivers need these groups as a way to be supported themselves during a time when they are busy supporting someone else. While there are many groups out there, it is not always easy to find the information, or find the time to meet the schedule of the groups that are found. With the help of this list, caregivers have an easier time finding a group that meets their needs.

Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging

The Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging offers valuable family caregiver resources. Some of these resources are offered at the individual level, while others are community-based. The variety of services available from the Area Agency on Aging includes the following:

• Caregiver Consultant - A caregiver who is just starting out may be feeling overwhelmed. A consultant will point the caregiver in the right direction, making sure he or she has everything needed to exceed at the job.

• Family Meetings - There is usually one main caregiver, but there are still other family members involved. Family meetings may help everyone reach a mutual decision on important issues. A consultant can be present at this stage to help mediate any conflicts.

• Support Groups - Support groups are available at the community level. Multiple people typically participate in each session. There are also phone groups and online communities that work well.

• Caregiver Education - Powerful Tools for Caregivers is one of the main caregiver courses provided throughout the U.S. This program lasts six weeks, and helps caregivers better understand their responsibilities. It can also help them manage their feelings about the situation.

The agency is partnered with the Senior LinkAge Line, which can direct people toward additional resource information. The line can be reached at (1-800) 333-2433.

Minnesota Board on Aging

The Minnesota Board on Aging offers tools to both those suffering from aging, and those caring for them. Caregivers require a great deal of support themselves, which is why groups and resources are offered at their disposal. They partner with the Family Caregiver Alliance to ensure all caregivers have the information they need. The board can be reached at (800) 882-6262 to find out more about support groups currently offered.

Alzheimer’s Association - Community Resource Finder

People suffering from Alzheimer’s require a caregiver, as they are not often capable of taking care of themselves. That is why many of the caregiver support groups are tailored to people taking care of loved ones with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or a similar memory loss illness. The Alzheimer’s Association is one of the best resources to use to find support groups. The search can be done quickly using the Community Resource Finder.

Numerous churches in Minneapolis host a support group. First Unitarian Society is one possible option in the area. Their meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. They are located on Mount Curve Avenue.

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