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Minneapolis Senior Realtors

In almost every home sale, a realtor is going to be necessary. They understand that selling a home is more than just listing a house and waiting for the offers to come in. There are emotional components, physical demands, and financial restrictions that can prevent a sale from occurring, especially if the seller is over fifty.

For those looking to make a home sale in their later years, a senior realtor might be necessary.

What Does a Senior Realtor Do?

Senior realtors are real estate agents who understand the different needs of a senior individual selling their home and want to help them through the entire process. The financial restrictions of retirement, the emotional connection to the home, and the physical needs of the individual can all change the process of how a home is sold.

A senior realtor must also understand that when a senior sells a home, there is more than just that one individual involved. There are children, grandchildren, and other family members who all feel invested in the sale. Where the senior lives after the house is sold can also look much different such as moving to an assisted living facility, into their children’s home, or another state.

There are a number of ways a real estate agent can become qualified to work with seniors. One pathway is to become a Certified Senior Housing Professional, a course created by the Seniors Real Estate Institute. Real estate agents may also choose to take a course offered by the National Association of Realtors to become a Senior Real Estate Specialist.

Who Does a Senior Realtor Serve?

A senior realtor works with individuals over the age of fifty, regardless of what plans come after the sale of the home. A senior realtor provides a more complete experience and approach to selling a family home and can assist anyone looking for additional guidance.

When Should You Connect with a Senior Realtor?

If you are ready to put your days of home-owning in the past, connecting with a senior realtor can help you sort out all your arrangements and ensure you are prepared when it comes time to put the house on the market.

Even if you are not fully prepared to sell your home, a senior realtor can help you make your home more senior-friendly by connecting you with contractors to help install ramps, railings, or other accommodations you might be looking for. A senior realtor can also help connect you with an estate planning attorney to create a will and plan for your property and assets.

How to Find a Minneapolis Senior Realtor?

To find a senior realtor, you can browse the directories on both the CHSP and SRES websites. Each page can provide a list of all the senior realtors that have completed the prospective courses, which you are able to search by city or state.

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