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Minneapolis Neighborhood Guide

The Minneapolis area is a great place to retire. It is much more affordable than a lot of major cities, and you have access to some great art, culture, and local farmers markets for good eats and time with friends. When it comes to planning your retirement or that of someone you care for, here are some neighborhoods to consider.

With a lot of neighborhoods to choose from, it is impossible to mention them all here. The neighborhoods below were chosen for their high quality of life, access to amenities, and low crime rates. Finding a neighborhood that offers a lot on your price range is not difficult in Minneapolis.


This neighborhood is ranked as the best of the best in Minneapolis, but unfortunately the price tag for living here coincides all too well with this ranking. This is a popular place for those that want to retire in luxury. The low crime rate is a bonus but expect to pay at least $550K for a home here with many going into the million dollar range. Bookstores and art galleries are nearby, and those living there can expect a high quality of life.


Although this is technically in the St. Paul area, it is worth looking at if you are retiring to the Minneapolis area. While the crime rate is low here, it is also possible to get a lot of home for under $500K. Plenty of smaller homes are in the $250K range. Rents coincide with the prices of the homes, so if you are unsure of exactly where in Minneapolis you want to be, it may be worth looking into an independent living community or apartment in this area.

Grocery shopping is a breeze with more than 13 stores in this neighborhood alone. In the evening, you can enjoy a film at the fine arts theater or a game of bowling with friends.

Linden Hills

Linden Hills is one of Minneapolis' largest neighborhoods. Home prices are affordable, and there are a lot of apartments available. Amenities are plentiful, so you don't have to waste a lot of time when trying to take care of basic needs. A low crime rate and high standard of living set this neighborhood ahead of a lot of the competition. Linden Hills Park offers greenspace and a chance to get to know those in your community better.

Minneapolis Retirement Planning

If you are a younger retiree that is largely independent, you may want to try out a few neighborhoods over the years. Independent living communities and nursing home care are easy to find, and you have access to excellent health care options at the University of Minnesota Medical Center or Abbot Northwestern Hospital for any major care.

Some of the choicest neighborhoods in Minneapolis are growing rapidly so it is best to lock in a good deal on rent while you can. You will find that Minneapolis residents are friendly and outgoing. Getting involved in your community more may be something you finally have time to do now that you are retired.

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