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Minneapolis Hospice Care

Coping with a life-limiting illness or injury can be difficult, but hospice care providers aim to help terminal patients live out their final days in comfort. Hospice care focuses on pain management during the last weeks or months of a patient’s life, allowing them to concentrate on more important things such as having fun and spending time with their loved ones. Friends and family who care for a terminal patient can also find the emotional support that they need through local hospice care services.

Hospice care provided by a team

Hospice care provides relief during a terminal patient’s final weeks, making sure that they remain happy and comfortable. An interdisciplinary team of doctors, nurses and support workers cooperate to meet the various medical and emotional needs of hospice patients.

Hospice care doctors work with a patient’s primary care physician in order to develop a suitable care plan.

Nurses coordinate with doctors and families to administer care and keep an eye on a patient’s vitals and pain levels. Home health aides are able to provide regular checkups for patients living at home.

Homemaker services allow families to spend more time with their loved ones by taking care of chores and errands such as cooking, cleaning, shopping and more.

Trained hospice volunteers can help out with household chores and daily tasks such as bathing, dressing and eating. Many hospice patients and their families also rely on volunteers for companionship and social support.

Social workers, clergymen and counselors all offer emotional and spiritual guidance for families as their loved ones undergoes hospice care.

Friends and neighbors are often also able to offer social support to isolated hospice patients by helping out around the house or providing regular companionship.

Many Hospice providers in Minneapolis

You can find more than two dozen top-quality hospice care providers located in and around the city of Minneapolis. The Minnesota Network of Hospice and Palliative Care (MNHPC) connects patients and their families with nearby hospice services that are able to meet to their unique care needs. You can also find state certified hospice providers and their contact information by accessing the Minnesota Department of Health’s care provider directory.

Seniors with Internet access can also turn to SeniorAdvisor to find out more about nearby nursing homes, assisted living communities and home health options that cater to hospice patients. Local residential facilities such as Mainstreet Lodge and RiverVillage East provide hospice care services to terminal residents, while agencies such as Yellow Rose Home Care help out seniors living at home.

Paying for hospice care

Many seniors pay for hospice care through personal insurance plans, while others rely on Medicare insurance to cover the cost of services. If you are a low-income senior who is eligible for Medicaid assistance, you may be able to access affordable hospice care through a Medicaid certified facility. Veterans who have a limited life expectancy may be eligible to receive both inpatient and outpatient hospice care through the Minneapolis VA Health Care System.

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