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Minneapolis Aging In Place

Aging in place might seem like an odd concept, are you just sitting around aging? But it’s more than that, it’s the opportunity for you to stay in your home as long as possible while still getting the care that you need. From Shingle Creek to Diamond Park, no matter where you are in Minneapolis, you can find in-home services like homemakers that help with cleaning, cooking, and daily chores or get specific health care from a home health aide that can remind you to take your medicine and help you with personal grooming.

Do I Have To Pay For These Services?

You might not necessarily have to pay for these services out of pocket and if you have a doctor that will state you need help to safely stay in your home you might have some options. First, if you have long-term care insurance you should check your policy and see if it covers any of these services. If you don’t have insurance and are a low-income family you can use Medicaid benefits. Veterans should also check their benefits to see what is covered in terms of long-term care. Finally, the Minnesota Department of Human Services has an ElderCare Development Partnership that provides services to qualified seniors to help them stay in their home.

How Will I Know The Total Cost?

Cost is going to be a little tricky to completely pin down because there are so many variables. Your state and neighborhood are going to influence the cost as well as the type of service you need and how frequently you are going to need it. However, you can look at the averages for the nation and your city to get a better idea.

The national monthly average for both homemaker and home health aides is about $3,800. For Minneapolis, the monthly average for homemakers is $4,767 and for home health aides it’s $5,529. That breaks down to about $157 to $182 per day and while that is a little high, remember it’s just an average and you can find both lower and higher costs in Minneapolis.

What Should I Do When Looking For A Provider?

You want to talk to people you know and ask a lot of questions. Get suggestions on services from close friends and relatives as well as colleagues and neighbors. Go to websites like the Minneapolis Better Business Bureau and read their business reports and user reviews.

After you find a few places you want to ask a lot of questions. Ask if they have the proper licensing and insurance and make sure they are bonded. Ask if they do background checks on their employees and find out about their payment options and scheduling. Once you pick a place, look over their contract carefully and ask any questions you might have about their terms of agreement before signing.

Are There Other In-Home Care Options?

Perhaps both of these types of services seem a bit much for you at this point in your life but you still need some extra help. Thanks to the growth of internet service platforms, you have a ton of great options all at the click of a button. is great for finding pet care or dog walkers and Handy is a good place to go for house cleaning services. TaskRabbit and Favor are both good options if you have various chores or errands you need help with. There are even places to go for home repairs or remodels. Check out and Amazon Home Services for these types of needs. Make sure to properly research any service you decide to use and you feel comfortable with their services and employees.

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