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Medicaid in Minneapolis

As a senior, you have probably taken your long-term care costs into consideration and maybe you have wondered how you are going to pay for everything. Medicaid is one of the best ways for low-income families and individuals to receive coverage for the things they need. Medicaid can help you pay for things like nursing homes, hospice care, and a variety of in-home health services. Minneapolis has a lot of resources for its residents to use in order to get the most out of their Medicaid benefits.

Who Can Get Coverage in Minneapolis?

The basic requirements to get Medicaid coverage are fairly simple. You need to be a U.S. citizen or qualifying non-citizen as well as a resident of Minnesota. You need to have a valid Social Security number for each person applying for benefits and you have to meet a certain income level. Seniors also need to be at least 65 years old and meet an asset requirement basically showing that they have no large assets to their name other than things like their house or car.

Where Do I Go To Apply and Get Help For Medicaid?

There are two main ways that you can apply for Medicaid in Minneapolis. The first and probably the easiest way is to go online to MNsure and fill out the online application. The site will let you know if you meet all the requirements and then send in your application with the touch of a button.

You can also go online and print off an application and mail it to your local county agency at the address located on the forms. If you need help with your application or want to meet with a person face to face, there are a few Medicaid offices in the area you can visit.

Minnesota Department of Human Services- 540 Cedar St. (651) 431-2000 Public Health Department- 444 Lafayette Rd. (651) 431-2670

You can also find in-person help with a Medicaid consultant who will walk you through the application process to make sure everything is correct. If you would rather do the online application but don’t have access to a computer or the internet, you can go to any public library to use a computer for free. You can also find technology centers around the area that can offer help and computers.

What Does Medicaid Cover?

Medicaid offers a wide range of covered services for things like emergency room visits, immunizations, and mental health care. There are also plenty of long-term care costs that are covered under Medicaid like nursing homes and in-home care. Talk to your provider to make sure they accept Medicaid. You might also have to fill out a few forms for long-term care costs so contact your local agency office to make sure.

Transportation Services in Minneapolis

Another great benefit of Medicaid is the access to transportation services. If you don’t own a car, can’t drive, and don’t have a ride, you can take advantage of the partnership the Minnesota Department of Human Services has with a variety of transportation services. You can use these services for non-emergency medical appointments and as long as you are enrolled in Medicaid it’s free or offered at a discounted rate.

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