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How to Get Around Minneapolis Without Driving

There are many downfalls as well as benefits to living in a city as large as Minneapolis. One of the downsides in the City of Lakes is the difficulty to get around without owning a car or being able to drive safely. On the plus side, there is a long list of transportation options available. Thanks to Minneapolis’ service organizations, public transportation, home health care services, and cab companies, you will have no issue getting from point A to point B.


The Metropolitan Council Metro Transit, more commonly referred to as METRO, operates most of Minneapolis’ buses and all of the light rail system. Customers can expect trips at least every fifteen minutes throughout most of the day. Seniors 65 and over get fares that are reduced to about 33% of the original price. However, this does not apply during rush hours (6-9 am and 3-6:30 pm, Monday through Friday). For details on how to apply, visit the METRO website. All of the rail cars and buses are designed to make travel easy and comfortable for seniors with mobility issues.

Taxi Services

There is a wide variety of cab services available to take you anywhere in Minneapolis whether you want to go to the grocery store or the doctor’s office. With the many licensed cab companies in Minneapolis, including Blue and White Taxi, ReliaCar Transportation, and Green & White Taxi Co, you can make reservations in advance over the phone or from your home computer. Or, when you want to hire a professional driver for an elderly loved one, you are able to prepay for transportation with some of the cab services.

Senior Transportation Services

Older adults can get rides to take care of errands and other daily tasks from one of the many home health care providers in Minneapolis. Mainstay Senior Care, Caring Matters Home Care, and Matrix Home Health Care Specialists are just some of the businesses that advertise transportation among the services they supply. Retired people should seriously consider this option because you can get aid and companionship while shopping, you will probably know your driver since they also serve as your caregiver, you can make all the stops you need, and you can take your car or your caregiver’s vehicle.

Ride-Sharing Services

Both of the main rideshare companies, Uber and Lyft, operate in Minneapolis. This makes it easy to schedule transportation in advance, to get rides when you need them, and to get door-to-door assistance. This is a smart alternative if you are computer-savvy or have family to help you. Keep an eye on pricing since there are particular times, such as rush hour, when the pricing surges.

Find Your Perfect Ride with Personalized Services

The Minnesota Board on Aging has developed a comprehensive list of transportation services. Whether you want a ride to a senior center or to important appointments, there are door-to-door solutions available. Everyone 60 years of age or older is eligible, but the services are generally targeted to seniors with the greatest social and economic need. Call the Senior LinkAge Line at 1-800-333-2433 for more information.

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