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Milwaukee Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Many retirees want to spend their twilight years working on causes that matter most to them and focusing on pursuing their passions. Thankfully, there is a wide selection of opportunities for you to contribute your time, expertise, and talents in the Milwaukee community. You are sure to find something whether you like taking care of animals, teaching, spending time in nature, or improving literacy.

Mentor and Teach Children

There are several ways you can support the Milwaukee Public Library with your time. You can serve as a tutor for both children and adults to help with literacy and other basic skills. You can also get involved with the Friends of the Milwaukee Public Library by helping out with book sales and providing support for special events.

There are many ways you can get involved with Milwaukee Public Schools. They have a special tutoring program that is designed specifically for community members aged 55 years or better. You would help with literacy one day per week for a minimum of 90 minutes in select elementary schools. There are also volunteer opportunities if you want to help with the back-to-school events. Or, you can work with youngsters through the Head Start program.

Through the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, golden agers 55 years of age or more can take part in the Foster Grandparent Program. For between 15 and 40 hours per week, you will serve as a tutor, mentor, and caregiver for youth and children with special needs in Head Start programs, schools, residential programs, child care centers, and hospitals. In return, you get meals during service, a modest stipend, and the satisfaction of changing a young person’s life.

Work with Furry Creatures

Volunteering at the Milwaukee Zoo is coordinated by the Zoological Society of Milwaukee. They currently have two big needs for volunteers for upcoming events: the Zoo Ball and the Bike Ride. There are also teaching and educational positions available where you can work closely with zookeepers.

The Wisconsin State Fair takes place each summer and requires hundreds of volunteers to run smoothly. Volunteers are needed for setup and tear down, judging the animal competitions, helping with the livestock, greeting new patrons, serving on committees, and much more.

Pets Helping People is a not-for-profit that believes that dogs, through their unconditional acceptance and love as well as their acute senses, when paired with a compassionate owner, can be a remarkable source of motivation, companionship, support, and inspiration to the learning and healing process. They are always looking for human-animal teams to volunteer throughout the community.

Help in the Garden

Friends of Boerner Botanical Gardens offers many year-round volunteer opportunities in the following areas: in-garden volunteers, garden docents, adult classes, children’s education, outreach activities, family events, and much more.

This is just the beginning when it comes to senior volunteer opportunities in Milwaukee. You are sure to find the perfect way to donate your time and stay engaged, busy, and social with just a little research.

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