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Milwaukee Senior Movers and Downsizers

Seniors that decide to downsize their belongings may be surprised to find that they have a larger number of belongings than they ever thought possible. Every nook and cranny seems to breed an endless supply of china, books, antiques, and tchotchkes. Many of the items may have value and can be sold for a fair price at estate sales. Other items are so out of date, they won’t even sell. This is where senior movers do their best work. They have the best idea of which items will sell and which items need to be donated to thrift stores.

Resources for Finding Senior Movers

Many types of eldercare professionals may notice that a senior needs help moving. Real estate agents may make referrals for senior movers as they are showing seniors new places to live. Estate lawyers may refer senior movers as part of their package of services. Geriatric care managers may have concerns about the health and safety for their senior clients and make referrals of senior movers to help. Seniors and families that are looking for senior movers in their own area will find listings of trained seniors movers at the site of the National Association of Senior Move Managers.

What Senior Movers Do

Senior moving services have become a specialty among residential and commercial moving companies. To have movers breeze in and pack up a whole household in a day’s time can be a very traumatic experience for many seniors. Senior movers know that seniors move a little slower than younger families. They need time to process their emotions about the things they really want to keep and which items they can let go. Senior movers can organize items and get things packed up quickly while respecting the senior’s need to do it at their own pace.

Senior Movers to Contact in Milwaukee

Coakley Brothers moves seniors with the goal of taking the stress out of moving. Coordinators schedule and manage the move. They oversee workers that work on professional packing and storage. Workers will ship heirlooms to family members and help dispose of unwanted items. At the new location, workers will help unpack, organize items, and help get the home set up.

Smart Moves seeks to provide a personalized moving experience for seniors. Movers begin the process well before the move with their unique pre-move planning process. Movers will help seniors decide what to move, what will fit, and schedule when and how to move things. Workers will help make sorting decisions and deliver items to the thrift stores. They will clean the old moving space and move belongings into the new space to help seniors get re-settled in record time.

Segues is a family owned business that specializes in senor move management. Senior movers work to reduce the stress and emotions that they feel when seeing all of their belongings packed up. Segues claims to have a proven system that helps seniors quickly decide what to keep. The services will also help seniors move into the new space, unpack, and put things away.

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