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Milwaukee Senior Living

Milwaukee is most well-known as being “America’s Dairyland.” This is due to the fact that the state is considered one of the top producers of dairy products in the entire nation. However, besides amazing cheese, the state of Wisconsin has quite a bit to offer seniors, including beautiful views of the Great Lakes and other fun and exciting activities.

In Milwaukee, a total of 12.1 percent of the population has reached the milestone of being 65 years old. This number is going to keep growing, which will result in more people needing some type of care for the long term. For some this means nursing homes, while others will require less care such as assisted living or even an independent living apartment. Taking the time to learn as much as possible about the cost expectations for the state will help ensure the best one is found for the person in question.

Facts about Spending Your Retirement Years in Milwaukee

Learning some about life in Milwaukee will help you figure out whether or not you want to spend your retirement years in this area.

Moving north is linked to fewer allergies. There is a high concentration of German-Americans in the state. The average cost of living is very close to the U.S. average. Wisconsin has some of the highest property taxes in the nation.

Living in Milwaukee – Cost Expectations

Milwaukee is not considered an overly expensive place to live; however, when it comes to senior living communities, the cost still may be a bit shocking to some. It is important for a senior and their family to really think about the level of care that is needed since the cost goes up as the care needs increase.

Taking the time to look at the cost of care for various types of senior living locations will help a senior know what to expect and ensure they are ready to cover their new home or the location they choose.

Licensed homemaker services (hourly cost): Between $20 and $33: annual average of $52,624. Adult day care services (hourly cost): $57 to $74; annual cost of $16,900. Assisted living (private room): $2,599 to $5,573 per month; annual cost of $48,930. Nursing home care (semi-private room): $261 to $345 per day; annual average cost of $110,960. Nursing home care (private room): $290 to $386; annually $121,545 on average.

In some cases, a senior will not need comprehensive care. This is because they are still able to handle their day to day activities without assistance. However, they may want to shed the large, empty homes they lived in before. If this is the case, then a senior apartment may be the ideal option. In some cases, these apartments can be quite affordable, based on the senior’s current income. More information about this is available by contacting the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, HUD.

Senior Arrangement Options in Milwaukee

Be sure to carefully evaluate the needs of the senior prior to choosing a facility. This is the best way to determine the level of care that is needed and the type of facility that will best suit their needs. For example, senior apartments are ideal for seniors who do not need any type of assistance and nursing homes are ideal for those who need constant care.

Paying for Senior Communities in Milwaukee

One of the main concerns for many seniors and their families is how they are going to pay for the location they choose in Milwaukee. One of the best ways to reduce the stress of this is to evaluate the financial resources that the senior and their family has. This will include monthly income and any assets. Each senior and their family’s circumstances will help to determine how they will be able to pay for nursing home care. Some of the options that are used most often are found here.

Long-term care insurance can be purchased prior to a major health event. It will then cover long-term care expenses down the road. This will help seniors and their families from having to pay out of pocket.

Personal loans is a beneficial option for those who may be facing short-term obstacles that go along with moving into a nursing home or an assisted living facility. It can also help families pay other expenses they may have. It is important to choose these personal loans carefully to avoid getting into more debt than can be afforded.

Veteran’s Assistance is available to those who have served in the armed forces to help pay for long-term care. This is also assistance that will require a person to meet certain financial and medical requirements prior to paying.

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