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Milwaukee Senior Centers

Many people recognize Milwaukee for its contribution to the beer industry. However, in addition to the beer, seniors living in Milwaukee love their city for the many social options available for them. Seniors have so much to choose from in terms of places to play the games they love so much, places to keep fit, opportunities for learning, and a community of seniors that love to travel.

The Places Where Seniors Go To Play Games

Although many seniors love playing age-appropriate games such as cards, Monopoly, Bingo, and most types of board games, some seniors will not mind engaging in Olympic-type sports, which demand so much strength and energy to play. Seniors who love bingo can visit the United Seniors of Wisconsin Bingo Hall on specific nights, while those with the energy to play physically demanding games can sign up for the Wisconsin Senior Olympics.

The Places Where Seniors Go To Keep Learning

Seniors have the opportunity to benefit from the Osher Lifelong Learning program at the University of Wisconsin where seniors can learn whatever courses they want without having to pay tuition fees. Seniors interested in the arts can sign up for the Art Program For Seniors and Veterans to learn everything they can there, while those who want to keep up with technology can learn about computers or increase their computer knowledge at the Milwaukee Public Library.

The Places Seniors Go To Keep Fit

Milwaukee has numerous fitness centers where seniors can sign up for classes, most of which set specific hours for seniors to come in every week. Seniors who keep fit have an excellent chance of living well into their old age healthy, strong, and independent, qualities that young people take for granted. Wonderful fitness centers that seniors can sign up at including the Department on Aging's senior fitness center and at Milwaukee YMCA's Active Older Adults Program.

Seniors Who Want To Take The Stage

The Bel Canto Senior Singers Program is an excellent senior choir in Milwaukee that makes extraordinary performances whenever they are in different events. Seniors who love singing have many senior choirs to choose from because most senior choirs hardly hold auditions. Seniors interested in learning tap-dancing, ballroom dancing, and other types of dances can sign up at Fred Astaire dance studio whereas seniors who can act on stage can audition for any plays coming up in theaters around Milwaukee.

Seniors Meeting Up With Other Seniors

Seniors have the advantage of making friends in so many places, some of which include the gym, at the recreation centers during game nights, or any other forum where they are meeting. Senior Meetups in Milwaukee are a great avenue for seniors to meet other seniors with whom they share interests. Single seniors can also meet up with other singles looking for love and start dating through senior dating sites.

Seniors Who Want To Travel Far From Milwaukee

Most of the seniors in Milwaukee have lived in Milwaukee for a very long time, meaning that they have seen the city grow and change over the years. To break the monotony and go through new and exciting experiences, seniors in Milwaukee form travel clubs that organize exciting and pocket-friendly tours around the world. These travel clubs work with professional tour operators to ensure their success.

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