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Milwaukee Family Caregiver Benefits

Caregivers provide some of the most important work and it can be a tough job. More seniors are turning to their family members for health care and because there are more caregivers than before, there are more ways to find assistance and support. If you’ve been caring for a family member and feel like you’re all alone or need a rest, you should look into some of the many resources at your disposal. Milwaukee has some great caregiver programs and support networks to make your job easier and make you a better caregiver.

Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter Of The Alzheimer’s Association

The Southeastern Wisconsin chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association serves 11 counties in Wisconsin. Alzheimer’s disease can be a devastating diagnosis for both the patient and their family members. Being a caregiver for this disease requires education, training, and support all of which you can find through your local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.

There are many different types of educational courses you can take to help you become a better caregiver. The Savvy Caregiver gives clinical level training to family members and other caregivers and is a great way to be better prepared for your job. Registration is required to attend this course.

Support groups are a great way to connect with other Alzheimer’s caregivers in your area. These people know exactly what you’re going through and can share their knowledge and experience to help your own caregiving. These meetings meet at various locations and times and some even offer respite care so you don’t have to leave your loved one alone.

You can also find various local resources to help with caregiving. Things like respite care or adult day care services are helpful when you need a break or have another obligation to attend to. You can get referrals and information on local groups and programs to make your job easier.

Milwaukee Area Agency on Aging

The Milwaukee Area Agency on Aging has teamed up with Interfaith Older Adult Programs to provide family caregiver support. Through this program, you can find free support programs, learn more about caregiving, find respite care and other in-home health care options. They also have lists of their own local support groups and you can find one based on your needs and schedule. Call 414-220-8600 to find out more about Interfaith programs for caregivers.

Milwaukee VA Health System

Veterans aren’t the only ones who can use the VA health system, their caregivers can as well. While you might not need medical care, the VA health system has an extensive list of caregiver resources. Things like: Adult daycare programs and respite care.

Caregiver Support Line that can help you over the phone with any caregiving needs you might have.

In-home health care like homemakers or home health aides.

Caregiver Support Coordinators who are trained to assess your needs and find the right programs for you.

Skilled nursing or hospice care.

Peer Support Program where you can team up with other caregivers and give each other advice and support.

Home telehealth that allows homebound seniors to get the medical attention they need.

You can call your local caregiver coordinator at 414-384-2000 to find out more information.

Wisconsin Department Of Health Services

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has put together a list of all the statewide and national caregiving resources. You can learn about the National Family Caregiver Support Program or find links to local groups and agencies that provide assistance to caregivers. They also have a special program for family members taking care of someone with dementia. You can find more information about the support program by calling toll-free at 866-843-9810.

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