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Medicaid in Milwaukee

Medicaid is considered to be a state/federal health care program for seniors who are over the age of 65 and who meet certain financial requirements. There are quite a few areas of coverage where Medicaid plays an important role and there are quite a few people who are not currently taking advantage of the coverage that is available. The coverage that is offered to seniors in Milwaukee is highly dependent on their needs and financial situation. Getting to know more about coverage and what is available in the area can be highly beneficial.

Requirements for Medicaid coverage in Milwaukee

In order to be eligible for Medicaid in Milwaukee, a senior must be a resident of the state of Wisconsin, have to be over the age of 65, and their assets and income need to be lower than the monthly limit that has been set by the state. In most cases, assets such as a senior’s home and the vehicle will not be factored into their total net worth. However, in Milwaukee, the government may look back for a period of five years in order to determine if a person is eligible. If a senior has transferred or given away any assets in this period, they may find they are not eligible for coverage.

Is there anyone who can help with the Medicaid application process?

If an applicant has a question about Medicaid in general, needs help filling out the application or simply wants to speak to someone about the coverage, then they can visit the website. Another tool that can be used online is ACCESS. At, a senior will be able to apply for benefits, check for the status of their benefits and complete the annual renewal of their application.

For seniors who prefer to have help in-person, they can visit the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. They can call this location at 608-266-9372. It is important to make sure that you fully understand the application and the process that needs to be followed to get coverage. Doing this will pay off and help ensure that a senior who deserves coverage is able to get it.

What type of coverage is offered if approved?

When a senior receives notification that they are approved for coverage, Medicaid will provide full or partial coverage for a number of services. Some of the most common things that are covered include dental and doctor’s appointments, nursing home or assisted living care, respite care, at-home care services, transportation, and housekeeping.

Are there any type of transportation services available through Medicaid?

At the local Area Agency on Aging, you will find there are several resources for senior transportation services that are covered by Medicaid. There are also county and tribal aging offices in the state of Wisconsin, which can provide assistance with this. Transportation services are able to be arranged through these local offices to help seniors get to medical appointments, go grocery shopping and take care of other tasks. Many of them are covered by Medicaid.

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