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How to Get Around Milwaukee Without Driving

Getting older can often mean giving up your right to drive but that doesn’t mean you have to give up getting around your town to run errands or go to appointments. Milwaukee has some great transportation options that can fit any seniors budget or situation. This includes things like public transportation as well as ride sharing services. No matter where you need to go, there is some form of transportation available for you.

Milwaukee County Transit System

Public transportation is often the most popular way for seniors to get where they need to go and Milwaukee County Transit System handles all bus routes within the county. They also run a program called New Freedom which is just for seniors and those with disabilities who need transportation services. They will work with you to find the best route, best fare program and bus to help you reach your destination safely. Seniors can also participate in the Freedom on Wheels program which will help teach them how to use the buses safely and answer any questions they might have about public transportation.

Uber And Lyft- Ride-Sharing Services

Seniors might also want to use a ride-sharing service, especially if they would like door to door service. Both Uber and Lyft operate in Milwaukee and through these services you can arrange a ride on their app or online. This is a nice feature for family members who are taking care of their loved ones but can’t always transport them where they need to go. Charges for these services are a little different and will cost more during peak travel times so be prepared.

Taxi Service

Taxis are also a good door to door option and can also take seniors to the airport, which ride-sharing services might not always be able to do. American United Taxi, Yellow Cab Co-op, and CabMotion are a few of the services you can find in Milwaukee. Many taxi services also allow you to call and schedule your ride in advance so you can be on time for wherever you need to be.

Senior Caregiver Transportation Option

If you have a caregiver through an in-home provider, you should check to see if they offer transportation services. Many will be able to run errands or take you to an appointment while some will just offer incidental transportation. A few providers in Milwaukee like Visiting Angels, HomeCare Assistance, and Home Helpers have transportation as a part of their services. This option also gives families and seniors peace of mind because they will be with someone they know while they travel.

Senior Express

Senior Express is a family owned business that operates out of Wauwatosa but serves all of Milwaukee and surrounding areas. They provide any type of transportation that you might need which includes:

Routine Destinations- Places like the grocery store or mall

Medical Transport- Doctor's appointments or non-emergency medical visits

Special Events- Birthdays or weddings

Cultural Events- Festivals, fairs, and museums/theaters

They also offer special transport for seniors that are in wheelchairs or need an escort to their destination to make it safely inside. You can request a ride online or you can call 414-454-8565 to learn more about their services and fees.

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