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How Much Does Milwaukee Assisted Living Cost?

Known best as “America’s Dairyland,” Milwaukee has much more to offer than just great tasting cheese. In fact, Wisconsin is a great place for the senior community, offering plenty of things to do and see.

Some people who have reached retirement age in Milwaukee find that they can no longer live on their own. While they may not need the full support and medical help offered by a nursing home, some level of care is still required. If this is the case, then an assisted living community may be ideal.

When assisted living is selected, residents will receive a number of services/amenities, which include:

Help with activities of daily living such as getting dressed, using the bathroom, eating, etc.

Transportation services for residents.

Housekeeping and laundry services.

Medication dispersion and medication reminders.

The level and type of care that is offered by an assisted living facility varies, and getting to know more about these communities, and associated costs, can help you choose the right option for your needs, or the needs of an elderly loved one.

Important Statistics about Senior Living and Assisted Living in Milwaukee

12.1% of the population in Milwaukee is over the age of 65.

Milwaukee has fewer cases of allergies than other parts of the country and the cost of living is average.

The total assisted living bed capacity in the state of Wisconsin is 44,537 and there are 779,383 total people over the age of 65 in the state. When factored properly, this equates to only 57 beds per every thousand senior citizens.

Cost of Living in an Assisted Living Community

In Milwaukee, the average cost of assisted living care per month is $4,078. However, the price can fluctuate between $2,599 and $5,573 based on the type and level of care that is needed. Annually, the cost is around $48,930, which is slightly higher than the national and state average costs per year of $43,200 and $47,760, respectively.

In the next five years, it is expected that the cost is going to increase by 3%. Due to these ever-increasing costs, planning early for an assisted living location is essential.

Tips to Find a Great Assisted Living Community

It is important to take some time to look for a quality assisted living community and not just choose the first or lowest priced option. Take some time to get to know the facilities in the local area and even visit a few prior to making a decision. During a visit, be sure to ask a few important questions:

What services are offered to residents at no charge? What services are available for a fee? What does the monthly cost include? Will there be activities and transportation included? Can the location meet certain dietary restrictions?

Asking these important questions will help to narrow down the options when it comes to assisted living locations.

How to Save when Looking for Assisted Living in Milwaukee

For many people, finding a way to reduce the costs of assisted living care is essential. One way to do this is by asking family members to chip in. There are often members of the family who may be able to help a senior reduce costs by providing transportation and laundry services. It may also be beneficial to share the room or apartment with a roommate to reduce costs.

Paying for the Care Needed – Assisted Living Payment Options

One of the biggest concerns for seniors and their families is how they will pay for assisted living care. One of the best ways to minimize this concern is to evaluate the available financial resources that are available, which include assets and monthly income. Each person’s and family’s circumstances will help to determine how they can best cover the cost of assisted living care.

Long-term care insurance can provide assistance in paying for long-term care. If a senior has a policy that offers this coverage, they may not have to worry about paying out-of-pocket. The key is to purchase this before the assisted living care is actually needed, else the senior risks being rejected.

The Department of Veterans Affairs provides three different levels of benefits including basic pension, housebound benefits, and aid and attendance.

A personal loan can be beneficial in overcoming short-term obstacles that go along with moving into an assisted living facility. It can also help families pay a portion of the rent each month. Be careful with these and who they are acquired from.

Medicare and Medicaid are federal based programs that provide care for seniors as they age. Seniors have to meet the financial requirements for these programs, which will allow them to receive help in paying for long-term care.

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