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Senior-Friendly Workplaces in Miami

The search for a new job is often difficult for senior citizens. Rapid advancements in modern technology coupled with age discrimination and other barriers can make it tough for older individuals to find employment. According to a 2015 AARP study, seniors had to jump through more hoops than younger co-workers in order to land a job. On average, it takes mature individuals longer to find a job, often with lower pay and fewer hours than their skill level demands. If you are a Miami senior looking for work, there are plenty of resources that you can access online and in person to help you find the perfect job.

Finding a job after 50

U.S. seniors can find online resources through the AARP website that can help them to prepare for and land their dream job. Helpful articles and columns go over how to find job openings, how to write a killer resume, how to nail an interview, and much more. You can also use the site’s search function to find local jobs, or find a list of additional online resources recommended by the AARP.

Florida job seekers with Internet access can also search for job openings by using the Employ Florida Marketplace website. Individuals over the age of 50 can visit the website’s silver edition to find job listings posted by businesses looking to hire senior employees. The Employ Florida Silver Marketplace has helped thousands of Miami senior citizens to find well-paid and fulfilling work. Those that are seeking unpaid volunteer opportunities to build skills and help give back to the community can browse local volunteer postings through the VolunteerFlorida website.

For individuals without computer access, you can visit a City of Miami Career Center for job hunting assistance. Not only are centers equipped with computers, but trained staff members are also on hand to help the less technologically savvy to navigate job hunting websites. Seniors that visit their local career center can also take part in specialized job training programs. There are over a dozen centers in convenient locations throughout Miami.

On-the-job paid training programs

Individuals older than 55 that are unemployed and thinking about rejoining the workforce may be interested in joining the Florida Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). This is a vocational training program that allows seniors to learn new skills while working a part-time job. The program is geared towards low-income seniors that can’t afford to postpone seeking paid work while they undergo job training. In order to qualify for SCSEP assistance, you must meet the state’s financial restrictions.

Self-employment and other job options

If you have ever dreamed about being your own boss, your senior years may be a good time to try opening a business. While this can be a difficult and somewhat risky employment option, opening your own business can also be a lucrative and rewarding experience. Visit one of Miami’s local Small Benefits Administration offices to find out more about operating a business.

Seniors may also be able to earn money as caretakers if they provide full-time, in-home assistance to a friend or loved one through the Florida Medicaid program or the VA Aid & Attendance Pension. Seniors that care for an individual with long-term care insurance may be able to receive payment through policy payouts.

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