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Miami Veterans Benefits

Veterans who have dedicated their time to the military will often need unique care and assistance throughout their life. To help them through difficult times, our cities, states, and country do what they can to ensure our veterans get the care and attention that they need.

As one of the states with the largest group of veteran inhabitants, Florida provides veterans in Miami with health benefits, education benefits, housing benefits, and more.

Health Benefits Available to Miami Veterans

One of the most common needs for veterans is health care, but not all veterans know what they qualify for veterans health benefits. Many believe that they must have been injured during their time in the military to receive VA health benefits, but all individuals who have spent time in the military, except for those who were dishonorably discharged, can apply for VA healthcare. This includes Reservists and the National Guard.

Individuals in Miami can receive medical care from the Miami VA Healthcare System which is located at 1201 N.W. 16th Street. Veterans can receive dental services, enroll in programs to help them lose weight, or get mental health care and more.

The Miami VA Healthcare System also has special services for older veterans, including a Medical Foster Home Program, and a program for caregivers.

Housing Benefits Available to Miami Veterans

For veterans looking to purchase a house of their own or are in need of financial support in keeping or maintaining their home, the VA can help through a number of loans or financing options. Here are some of the housing benefits that the VA can provide:

Guaranteeing a portion of a home loan for veterans looking to make a purchase on their first house.

Providing home improvement loans to assist veterans in making repairs or renovations to their current residence.

Assist in the securement of land purchases for veterans looking to buy property to build their own home.

Veteran homelessness is also a serious problem that the Miami VA Healthcare System is hoping to solve. Through providing employment opportunities, safe housing, health care, and mental health services, the Miami VA Healthcare System is working to reduce the number of veterans without a home.

Other Benefits Available to Miami Veterans

For other benefits, including assistance applying to or financing education programs or securing jobs, veterans in Miami can contact the Veterans Services Program from Miami-Dade County. The Veterans Services Program is designed to help veterans, children, widows or widowers, or parents receive the help they need to apply for benefits or care.

There are four locations throughout Miami that veterans can apply to veterans services. Those offices can be found at the following addresses:

Administrative Office – 11025 SW 84 Street, Building 2 | (305) 270-2940

Caleb Center – 5400 NW 22 Avenue, Room 706 | (305) 636-2295

City of Hialeah – 300 East 1st Avenue | (305) 883-6970

South Dade Government Center – 10710 SW 211 Street, | (305) 252-3262

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