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Miami Senior Realtors

A realtor is recommended anytime someone wants to sell a home in Miami. A realtor helps meet the needs and provides a pleasant experience for anyone buying or selling. However, when the person selling their home is in the later years of their life, the needs completely change.

When someone is older and looking to sell their home, the plans after the sale are usually quite different. They may be moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility, they may be moving in with a child or grandchild, or they may be leaving their home behind to travel. For older individuals, a senior realtor is usually recommended.

What Does a Senior Realtor Do?

A real estate agent is considered a senior realtor when they complete a specific course detailing the different needs of senior individuals selling their home. The National Association of Realtors offers a course to develop certified Senior Real Estate Specialists. Another course a real estate agent may take is from the Seniors Real Estate Institute, which develops Certified Senior Housing Professionals.

A senior realtor considers the financial, physical, and emotional confinements of an older person selling their home. They understand that it may take longer for them to move out after a sale, that certain things need to be considered before a home can be available to be sold, and how a pension or 401k can influence a transaction.

It is also the responsibility of a senior realtor to connect with other professionals in the community. If you need to create an estate plan, a senior realtor can put you into contact with an attorney. They can also help you find resources for making your home more senior-friendly if you are not ready to sell.

Who Should Use a Senior Realtor?

A senior realtor’s services are best utilized for someone over the age of fifty.

Is a Senior Realtor in Miami Right for You?

Even if you are just thinking about putting your family home on the market, a senior realtor can help you ensure everything is in order for a smooth listing and sale. Connecting with a senior realtor before you are ready to sell can help you create a plan that allows you to list your home when you’re ready.

Since a senior realtor also knows the ins and outs of the senior community in the Miami area, they can help make recommendations for where to move after your house has sold.

Finding a Miami Senior Realtor

There are dozens of senior realtors in the Miami area. In order to find one that is certified and can meet your needs, you can begin by browsing the websites for the Certified Senior Housing Professionals and Senior Real Estate Specialists. Each page lists the individuals who have reached the qualifications and received the certifications in an easy-to-navigate database and directory.

When selecting a senior realtor, you will want to do your research and find someone that you connect with and trust.

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