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Miami Senior Centers

Keeping mentally and physically active promotes healthy aging in older adults, particularly within the elderly community. Seniors living in Miami can socialize and stay fit by checking out recreational opportunities offered by local senior centers and community groups, including exercise classes, game nights, art lessons and more.

Where go to play games

Local senior centers provide a comfortable, friendly environment in which seniors can enjoy board games, cards, movies and more with their friends. There are dozens of senior centers located throughout Miami-Dade County, including three specialized facilities. The Haitian American Senior Center provides social and recreational services for the elderly Haitian community, while the Miami Gardens Senior Focal Point Center reaches out to isolated seniors who are living independently or under care at home. Older adults living in Miami can also visit the Senior L.I.F.T. Center to challenge their friends to a game of Mah Jongg, canasta, bridge, poker, scrabble or Bunko.

Where to go learn new skills

Many of Miami’s senior centers offer classes for seniors that wish to continue learning as they age. Some centers offer arts and crafts classes, while others offer courses in computer literacy, foreign languages, creative writing and more. The Senior L.I.F.T. Center provides open computer classes for seniors along with art and Spanish language course offerings.

Where to go to keep fit

Regular exercise is important when it comes to maintaining your health. Getting yourself up and moving each week can reduce your risk of developing health conditions such as heart disease and type II diabetes. The Miami-Dade Parks Active Older Adult Program encourages seniors over the age of 55 to stay active and keep fit by participating in exercise programs run through the Arcola Lakes Senior Center and several other Miami-Dade County parks. Seniors can visit their nearest Active Older Adult hub to join in EnhanceFitness classes, Zumba Gold, Tai-chi, and more. Seniors can also join the Walk4Life program and enjoy the scenery of local park trails as they work towards their fitness goals.

Where to go to enjoy the arts

Senior citizens older than 62 are able to enjoy Miami’s vibrant cultural scene for free thanks to the city’s Golden Ticket Program. Golden Tickets can be reserved in advance for certain artistic and cultural events that are held throughout the year. Seniors without a reliable means of transportation are able to travel to Golden Ticket events for free via the Miami public transit system.

Where to go to meet new people

Events and activities held by your local senior center are a great place to meet new friends in your age group. Game nights, classes, luncheons and other events give seniors the opportunity to connect with new people in their area. Mature individuals looking for companionship can also join a local Meetup group to find new friends or land a date.

Where to go when you want to travel

The Miami-Dade Parks Active Older Adult program organizes day trips within the city to popular spots such as the Miami Zoo, the Fruit & Spice Park and the Deering Estate at Cutler. If you want to tour sights beyond Miami’s city limits, A Passion for Travel organizes both domestic and international trips for travel groups of all ages. Travel! Let’s Not Just Talk is a tourism group aimed at women over 40 who are seeking adventure and companionship as they travel the world.

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