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Miami Neighborhood Guide

When it comes to Miami, there is a lot to love for everyone. Retirees like Miami due to its pleasant climate and carefree lifestyle. In your spare time, there are countless things to do. The waterfront location allows for boating, sailing, swimming, and world class fishing opportunities, or you can just relax at the beach.

Of course you will want to be in a great neighborhood. Here are a some neighborhoods and amenities you can enjoy in your neighborhood of choice.

Very Miami Neighborhoods

Miami Beach

If you love the hustle and bustle of the city, then you will want to be in the thick of things in Miami Beach. This community is a bit more laid back than South Beach. With plenty of public beaches and a great dining scene, this is enough to convince a lot of people to move here. Prices of real estate are more reasonable than South Beach.

Coral Gables

In Coral Gables, you can take a trolley shopping and enjoy long lunches in a variety. This area is very Latin-influenced and culturally diverse, so there is always something new and interesting. Families and a lot of young professionals are flocking to Coral Gables. The Coral Gables Art Cinema is a fantastic place to see a movie. The University Of Miami offers educational opportunities. It is never too late to pursue your dreams in Coral Gables.

Popular With Retiree Neighborhoods

North Miami

While North Miami is only ten miles from downtown, it feels a lot more suburban than you might expect. Located on Biscayne Bay, you can experience some great ocean views. Keeping a boat on hand is easy at the many marinas and docks. The nearby Oleta River State Park border is in North Miami. Art lovers will spend a lot of time at The Museum Of Contemporary Art.

Palmetto Bay

For a family friendly beautifully landscaped neighborhood, there is Palmetto Bay. You can take a walk through the many parks and lawns and stop by the Farmer's Market for great local food and products. Plenty of shopping and restaurants are all easy to get too. This neighborhood lives up to its nickname “The Village Of Parks.” If you want to visit the Everglades, they are just a short trip away.

Deciding Which Neighborhood Is Right For You And Your Family

Of course, we understand that the choice of the neighborhood you want to spend your retirement years in is a decision that includes many factors. You may have family in one area you are considering for example. Having a great support network and being able to spend more time with loved ones is often a part of the decision.

Some people take the time to stay a night or two in a location before settling on finding a suitable retirement housing situation. AirBnB offers a lot of choices in you want to spend a few days researching a neighborhood.

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