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Miami In-Home Care

There are many choices when it comes to senior care and there are many different reasons people choose to use in-home care. One of the main reasons is that it allows you to stay in your own house with familiar settings while you receive care. Among seniors 65 and older, aging at home is one of the most important things. Cost also plays a big role in choosing in-home care as it tends to be a little less expensive than nursing homes. In Miami last year, the average cost per day for a private room in a nursing home was $292, while a home health aide cost between $60 and $144 per day.

What does in-home care include? There are many different kinds of care that you can find when it comes to home health care, and Miami has many different choices.

Miami Health Care Agencies

There are over 100 different home care agencies throughout the Miami area and they offer a wide variety of services. You can find agencies that provide personal care or companionship services that will help you prepare meals, move around your house, and even do some light housekeeping. There are also agencies that have certified nursing assistants that can take care of things like changing bandages, remind you to take medication, and get you in and out of bed.

All home health agencies have to be properly licensed by the state of Florida under state law as well as adhere to a certain set of rules and regulations. There are a lot of different things that people expect from their in-home care and the good thing is that you can customize your care to fit your needs. allows clients to review agencies and say what they did and did not like about the care they received and these reviews can help us get an understanding of what the people of Miami want.

One son wrote, “Griswold seems to always come through when needed. Recently, the live-in caregiver for my mother had a medical emergency on a Sunday afternoon. By early Sunday evening they found a wonderful live-in who could start the next morning for as long or short period as needed. Of the many caregivers I have worked with from Griswold, they have all been quite professional. The current team I am working with consisting of live-in and night-time caregivers is definitely championship quality!”

It’s also important for people to have good communication between care managers and the patients during a shift change as well as make sure they are encouraging their patients to do the things they can without help.

Health Care On Your Time

Another added benefit of using in-home care is that you can get the care you need when you need it as it fits your schedule. That might mean you have someone come to your house every day for a few hours, or you only use home care every once in awhile when you really need it. It can also be a good option as respite care if your regular caregiver needs to take a rest. Family members who provide care but also have full-time jobs find in-home care to be a good option so they can make sure their loved is taken care of while they’re at work.

Just One Of Many Choices

You can think of in-home care as just one more resource for you to use when it comes to senior care. It’s a good idea to have multiple ways to provide care so no one person gets burned out on their duties or you’re left stranded during an emergency. Here are a few more options when it comes to senior care so you can get the best care coverage:

Use Your Own Caregiver: You have the choice to use an agency to find a caregiver but you can also decide to hire your own. This works really well if you have a family member that is going to be providing care and you want to make sure they get paid for their services. Just keep in mind that you will be in charge of everything that goes with hiring someone including the interview, any background checks, as well as payment and taxes.

Combining An Agency And Your Own Hire: You can get the best of both worlds if you use both an agency and your own hire. This gives you the control of finding your own primary caregiver, but also the freedom to let that person take a rest or be away from work without being stranded without care. Many agencies can also provide emergency care in a short amount of time, if your regular provider can’t make it to your home for whatever reason.

Miami Concierge Services: You can also find help for your regular errands and household chores if you find that your caregiving duties are taking up most of your time. Websites like TaskRabbit allow you to search for someone to help you with whatever chore you need like picking up groceries or dropping off mail.

No matter what you decide to do, make sure you use reputable services. You can check with friends or family to see what they recommend or you could look on the Miami Better Business Bureau.

Covering The Cost Of Care

Medicare can be one option for seniors that are under a doctor’s care who can state that they are homebound as well as in need of some type of therapy or skilled nursing. Medicaid could help some low-income seniors if they don’t meet the requirements of Medicare. The city of Miami has an excellent senior service center where you can find meal delivery services, transportation, and even a companion program.

Paying privately is also an option and those who already have a long-term insurance policy can use that to cover the costs. A reverse mortgage could be an option, if you have a home and meet with an HUD-certified agent to understand all of the risks involved.

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