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Miami Hospice Care

Being a family caregiver is tough work, especially when we feel that we cannot meet the needs of our aging loved one. Even when we do the best that we can, there comes a time when there is little left to be done to fight a disease or bounce back from a fall. Eventually, the last days of the senior’s life will come.

In these circumstances, the standard family caregiver usually cannot provide an adequate level of comfort for the individual as they approach the end of life. It is a stressful time, sometimes filled with pain and an inability to do the basic care routines on their own. A hospice care provider might be necessary.

What is Miami Hospice Care?

The focus of hospice care is to keep the aging senior comfortable, pain free, and content as they reach the end of life. With end of life support, the individual and the family member has accepted that there is little else to do to fight off diseases, conditions, or just old age, and they would like to do everything possible to ensure a smooth and comfortable transition.

That being said, a hospice care provider does not work to find ways to fight the senior’s condition. Instead, they look at ways they can reduce the symptoms or pain in order to restore comfort. While they primarily work to keep the individual in their own home surrounded by loved ones, hospice care can also be provided at hospitals or other treatment facilities, such as a nursing home.

Here are just a few of the services that a Miami hospice care provider can assist with:

Basic home up-keep, including light cleaning or laundry for the senior

Cooking nutritious meals and feeding, if the senior is unable

Personal care assistance, including bathing, brushing teeth, etc.

Management of the senior’s medication

Counseling for the individual and the family members

Hospice care is often viewed as a short-term commitment and is usually only considered when other treatments or care providers have gone unsuccessful. The hospice care provider can provide different levels of service, all the way up to spending 10 or more hours with the individual providing comfort.

Selecting the Right Miami Hospice Care Center for You

The needs of each individual will differ and while hospice care providers want to adapt as much as possible to fit the particular needs of the individual, you will want to ensure you do your research before selecting a hospice care provider. Here are just a few of your options in the Miami area:

Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care: (877)-731-9299

Hospice Care of South Florida: 7270 NW 12th St. Ph. 6 (305)-591-1606

Kindred at Home – Hospice: 6161 Blue Lagoon Dr. #170 (786)-388-1400

Paying for Miami Hospice Care

In South Florida, there are a number of ways to pay for hospice care. In many situations, hospice care is covered under Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, TRICARE, or can be paid for with charitable care. Payment plans are available for those that do need to pay out-of-pocket. If the individual is a veteran, the VA can also provide financial support.

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