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Miami Family Caregivers Benefits

Sometimes seniors have a sudden serious illness and they recover fully. Other times seniors have a health crisis that leaves them unable to continue doing all the things they did in the past. As people age, the chances of a partial recovery increase, leaving family members with the unexpected and unplanned responsibility for caring for a loved one. This means they need to juggle schedules, examine the ways that they need to help, find services to fill the gap of when they can’t be available, and find ways to fund the help they need. As caregivers gain experience in caregiving, they soon learn that to try to do it alone is exhausting and stressful. With nearly one out of every four households caring for a senior member of the family, the city of Miami offers programs to reduce the stress of senior caregivers.

Community Action and Human Services

The Community Action and Human Services Department of Miami-Dade County offers the Home Care Program to help senior caregivers with their duties. This program also provides services for people with disabilities who need help with activities of daily living. Senior caregivers can get help with homemaking, chores, meal preparation, shopping, and laundry. They can also get personal care help for seniors including bathing, grooming, dressing, and feeding. Other services include doing chores like heavy cleaning, yard clean up, minor household repairs, and minor safety modification. Interested caregivers may apply for the program by calling (786) 469-4851.

Adult Day Care

At times, caregivers may need to take a day off to tend to their jobs, other family members, personal matters, or to take a much needed break. Miami offers five adult day care centers. Caregivers may register their loved ones for one or more days of the week, depending upon their needs. The centers are open weekdays during normal business hours.

Adult day care is a community-based facility that has a structured program. Many seniors appreciate the opportunity to get away from their homes and enjoy activities and socialization where they will be safe and cared for by professionals. The staff includes social workers, registered nurses, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and other direct care personnel. Staff provides a comprehensive program of health, social, and cognitive activities throughout the day. Seniors can expect to be served a nutritious hot breakfast and lunch. The county may be able to provide transportation if families are not able to provide it.

Seniors or caregivers may find out more information about adult day care by contacting one of the following locations: Administrative Office 11025 SW 84 Street, Building 2 Miami, Florida 33173 (305) 270-2943

Edison Little River Adult Day Care 150 NW 79th Street Miami, Florida 33150 (305) 751-4342

North Dade Adult Day Care 60 NE 166 Street Miami, Florida 33162 (305) 940-0075

Seymour Gelber Adult Day Care 11025 SW 84th Street, Building 12 Miami, Florida 33173 (305) 514-6000

South Dade Adult Day Care 19590 Old Cutler Road Miami, Florida 33157 (305) 255-1433

West Dade Adult Day Care 6950 N Waterway Drive Miami, Florida 33155 (305) 267-6372

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