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Miami Aging In Place

You should be able to age wherever and however you would like and not feel like you have to go to a nursing home to get the care you need. Luckily, if you want to stay in the comfort of your own home and age in place, there are so many great options. No matter where you are in Miami, you can get access to in-home services like homemaking which can help you maintain your household with cleaning, cooking, and other errands or home health aides which can help you maintain your health by assisting with personal tasks and monitoring your health conditions.

Paying For In-Home Care

In-home care doesn’t have to be covered entirely by you and you have some reimbursement options especially if it has been deemed unsafe for you to stay in your home alone by your doctor. Long-term care insurance can help cover these services just make sure to check your policy. Veterans can get financial assistance for their care through their VA benefits and low-income seniors can use their Medicaid benefits. The Florida Department of Elder Affairs can also help through their Community Care for the Elderly Program.

Cost For In-Home Care

The best way to get an idea of the cost of care is to look at averages in the country and in your area. Total cost, though, will be affected by your location and the type of care you need as well as how often you need it. The national monthly average for both homemaker and home health aide services is about $3,800.

In Miami, the averages are actually a bit lower. You can expect to pay around $3,241 per month for homemaking and $3,337 per month for a home health aide. This breaks down into about $107 and $110 per day for these services. Remember, these are just averages and you can find providers that cost both more and less than this in Miami.

Locating A Good Provider

The best way to find a good provider is to start your search from a trusted source and to ask plenty of questions. Start compiling a list of recommendations from friends, neighbors, colleagues, and family members and look at places like the website for the Miami Better Business Bureau. They have user reviews that will let you see how the customers liked the services.

After you’ve gathered a few places, start asking questions. Find out if they have the proper license and are insured and bonded. Ask about their hiring procedures and if they do background checks. Make sure you understand their payment plans and scheduling procedures and carefully go over any contract before signing.

Additional In-Home Care

You don’t have to rely on only homemaking and home health aides when it comes to your in-home care. Over the years, there has been a big growth in online service platforms that allow you to customize the type of help and care you need in your home.

Try for pet care and dog walkers, Handy for various types of cleaning services, and TaskRabbit or for chores or errands you need help with. If your house needs some repairs or remodels in order for you to get around safely, you can find handymen or contractors through websites like and Amazon Home Services. Properly research each person you plan to have in your home and make sure you feel comfortable with their services.

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