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How to Get Around Miami Without Driving

You may have engagements ten or more miles away from your home in cities as big as Miami. If you do not own a vehicle or cannot drive safely, you might think it would be hard to get around. However, there are several transportation options in Miami to help you. Due to Miami’s senior service programs, home care organizations, public transit, and cab companies, you will have no trouble getting across town.

SFRTA and Miami-Dade Transit

The South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (SFRTA) and Miami-Dade Transit run the public transportation in Miami. They offer an elevated people mover known as Metromover, commuter rail called Tri-Rail, and Metrobus buses. With a Golden Passport EASY Card, you are eligible to ride transit for free if you are a permanent Miami-Dade resident and you are a senior citizen 65 years and over. All you need to do is apply and provide a current driver’s license and your Social Security Number.

Cab Services

You might want to look into using any of Miami’s cab companies if you need to run errands or have a meeting. With Central Cab, Freebee, and other licensed taxi services in Miami, you can make reservations in advance on a phone or on your home computer. You can also pay ahead of time for rides with cab services, if you are looking to hire a professional driver for an elderly loved one.

Home Care Transportation

As part of their menu of services, home health care organizations in Miami are known to offer rides to just about everywhere. A few of the businesses that advertise their transportation services on the Internet are Accessible Home Health Care of Aventura, Senior Helpers, and At Home Care. This solution is ideal for most because you get to make as many stops as you need along the way, you usually know the driver since they double as your caregiver, you get aid and companionship while shopping, and you can choose to ride in your own vehicle if you have one.

Ride-Share Services

The two main ride-sharing companies, Uber and Lyft, both operate in Miami. These services are popular because you can get assistance from your front door to wherever you want to go, you can get rides when you need them, and you can schedule transportation in advance. This is the ideal choice if you are good with a smartphone or have someone who can help you with this. You do need to look closely at the cost because there is “surge pricing” during peak times, such as rush hour.

Find a Ride with These Personalized Services

Special Transportation Service is available for seniors with mental, physical, or intellectual disabilities that make it difficult to use public transportation. They offer shared-ride, door-to-door travel. Call 786-469-5000 for more information.

The North Miami Foundation for Senior Citizens Services also provides free transportation for seniors 65 and older for recreation, shopping, nourishment, and much more.

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