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Caregiving in Miami, FL

Do you have a relative or family member that is getting older and needs more help than usual? This is a normal part of aging and you might find that soon you will be their caregiver and the one they depend on to take care of their needs. Caregiving is a full-time job and one that shouldn’t be done alone. No matter what your circumstance is, there are going to be times that you need help or even a short break. There are plenty of caregiving resources here in the Miami area that can make your job easier and your loved one’s quality of life better.

What to do when you need a little break

There are times where you will need to be away from your family member or loved one that needs care. Perhaps you have an appointment or other obligation or may just need to take some time off for personal reasons. Here are a few resources that can help you during this time.

Adult Day Care: These programs are state-licensed and help give seniors and others who can’t take care of themselves a place to go during the day. You don’t have to use a day care program every day, but they can be helpful if you have an emergency or just need your loved one to have a place to go every once in awhile.

In adult day programs like the one at NANA Adult Day Care and Recreation Center, seniors can take part in classes for education and recreation, receive medical care like administering medication, and receive healthy breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Many places offer different ways to pay through VA or Medicaid, but just make sure to find out your payment options prior to participation. On average these services cost about $65 per day.

In-Home Care: If your loved one can’t get out of the house to take advantage of an adult day care program, there are still options. You can use in-home respite care and have a health aide worker come to your house while you’re out to perform caregiving duties. These services can range from $10 to $24 per hour.

There is also residential respite care if you have to be away from your family member for longer than a day. You can find an assisted living facility in the area that will provide temporary care for any length of time until you can return to your duties. This is also a good option if their medical needs become more intense say after a surgery or illness.

Concierge Services: These services are for the time when you need something but can’t leave your caregiving duties. You can find a service for anything you need such as Grocerytaxi that allows you to shop for groceries online and then have them delivered to your door.

You can also find concierge services that are specifically for seniors like Senior Concierge Providers. This company offers services such as transportation to appointments, medication reminders, and even light housekeeping and meal preparation. This can be great for when you need a little help or break from your caregiving.

Where to go when you need support

You should never try to be a caregiver without any support or help at all because there are so many resources at your disposal. Support groups, workshops, education, and mental well-being resources are all vital parts of being a caregiver. You want to make sure you’re taken care of so you can give the most help to your loved one. is full of online resources for caregivers, which includes a local directory of support groups and services in your area. You can connect with others that are going through the same situations that you have as well as receive more education about caregiving.

At Baptist Health South Florida you can find support groups for a variety of different topics like cancer and diabetes. Talking with others who are going through some of the same things might help.

The Alzheimer’s Association is a great place to look for local support groups and help with caregiving duties. They also offer support for those who have the disease so they can better cope with the transitions they experience.

What happens when you can’t be a caregiver

Sometimes you can no longer be the primary caregiver to your loved one whether that’s because something comes up in your life or their needs are greater than what you can provide. At times like this, it’s ok to ask for help and find the right kind of care. Often that means moving them to a nursing facility or hiring someone to come to their home full-time to make sure they are always under supervision.

During this time, there are going to be a lot of changes and new information that can be confusing to try and understand. One of the best ways to make sure everyone’s needs are met is to hire a care manager. At the Aging Life Care Association, you can find care managers through the Florida chapter who will help guide you and your family through the process of finding the right facility, the right care, and at a cost that will fit your budget.

These options are also important to consider if you feel like you might be getting caregiver burnout. It’s normal to experience a toll after giving care for a long period of time and one of the best ways to help is by sharing the load or even taking a break for awhile. This way you know your loved one is getting the best care and you’re able to restore your energy and take care of your needs as well.

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