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What’s the Cost of Living in Mesa, AZ?

Mesa, Arizona, is a wonderful area to live in if you love the sunshine and hate cold, hard winters. If retirement has given you the itch to move to someplace new and beautiful, you should give Mesa a look.

While Mesa isn’t the absolute cheapest place to spend your retirement years, it has a lot to offer. Enjoying 330 days of sunshine on average, incredible natural wonders, and the delightful culture of the American Southwest is worth it for many people.

Let’s take a look at some specifics about the Mesa cost of living to help you decide if the Southwest is the place for you.

How much is Food in Mesa?

Food costs in Mesa are a little higher than the national average but still lower than in many other states. For the average retiree, food costs in Mesa will appear to be appreciably lower than they’ve experienced in the Northeast or the West Coast.

An inexpensive restaurant meal in Mesa will set you back between $7 and $15. A fast-food restaurant lunch is in the $6 to $8 range, and a quick beer is $2 to $4 at a local pub. Groceries average about 1.5% above the national average.

For many retirees, food costs will be lower than from where they have moved. Mesa will help stretch your retirement dollar farther for food.

Housing Costs in Mesa

The median home price in Mesa is about $235,000, which means that after selling your home in most other states; you will probably get the same or more real estate in Mesa.

If you need to rent initially, rental costs in Mesa are reasonable. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Mesa is just above $1000 per month.

Getting Around Mesa

Mesa roads are well maintained, and absent heading toward Phoenix at rush hour, lightly traveled and easily negotiated. Gasoline prices are about the national average making travel by automobile safe and affordable.

Mesa has a well established public transportation system that will make getting around without a car relatively easy. If you should eventually need to give up driving due to disability, the local bus service and metro light rail train system will serve to carry you to friends, shopping, and medical appointments.

Cost of Senior Living Facilities in Mesa

Aging is an inevitable part of life, and in your retirement years, you’ll need to plan for the possibility of needing an assisted care living facility or nursing home. Mesa, Arizona assisted living and nursing home costs are relatively low compared to the national average. The cost of an assisted living facility in Mesa is between $2000 and $3000 per month, while the national median cost is north of $43,000 per year (about $3,600 per month).

Private or semi-private nursing home costs are equally affordable when compared to the national average of $80,000 to $91,000. In Mesa, a semi-private room in a nursing home is only $5,500 per month.

If you need a change of pace and want to maximize your retirement dollars, Mesa could be the place.

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