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Social Security for Mesa Seniors

Social Security is an important piece of the retirement puzzle for many seniors. Fortunately, Mesa is home to a Social Security office. When you have a lost or damaged Social Security card, want to apply for benefits, or if you have another problem, you can call Social Security toll-free, access many services online, or visit an office in person.

The Social Security Office in Mesa

Mesa has one Social Security Administration (SSA) office within its city limits. It is located at 702 West Jerome Avenue. You can get there by taking exit 179 from US-60 E and continuing on South Country Club Drive until you take a right on West Juanita Ave then left on South Vineyard, which becomes West Jerome.

You can also call any of the Social Security offices toll-free at (800) 772-1213. Also, if you want TDD services, you can dial 800-325-0778. You can reach both of these numbers from 7 am to 7 pm Mountain Standard Time, Monday through Friday. The Mesa location is just one of many in south-central Arizona, including two offices in Phoenix and one in Glendale. If you would like to find the office closest to you, enter your zip code into the SSA’s online office locator.

Senior Social Security Services

If you need to update your Social Security card after a name change or replace a card that is missing, your nearest Social Security office can assist you. Also, the employees on staff at the office will help you get a replacement for your Medicare card if you damage or lose it.

If you are a senior who is 64 years of age or younger and get Social Security disability benefits, you may be able to participate in a free SSA program known as “Ticket to Work.” This program helps you develop workplace skills and find a job while you continue to get your benefits. There are over 80 providers participating in the program in Mesa and the surrounding areas. Call Ability360 at 866-304-9675 for work incentives planning and assistance.

Social Security Services Available Online

Even if you live right next to a Social Security office, you can lose a lot of your day to in-person visits. Thankfully, you can go online to complete many of your Social Security-related tasks and avoid wasting time in line and traveling to the office. On their website, you can:

Get an estimate of what your Social Security benefits will be

Apply for benefits

Appeal decisions made on your disability claims and follow up on appeals

Ask for replacement Social Security cards

Find out if you are eligible for benefits

Look at your Social Security statements

This is just the start when it comes to online services. You can also block online and phone access to your Social Security information if you were a victim of identity theft or domestic abuse. Also, when you sign up for a secure account at My Social Security, you are able to view your lifetime earnings record, see your current estimated retirement benefits, and save, download, and record your statement data.

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