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Mesa Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

There are few things more satisfying than giving back to the community you live in. During our working years, it can be difficult to find the time to volunteer to a worthy cause or organization.

Your retirement years are a wonderful time to find ways to help the Mesa community. Use your newfound free time to make the world a better place and gain satisfaction, make new friends, and learn new skills.

Read on to find out some ways you can contribute your time and talents to make Mesa a better place.

Mesa Hospitals Need Help

Banner Baywood Medical Center is always looking for volunteers to help them provide quality medical services to the Mesa community. Serve the Mesa area by helping people in emergencies. Keep the standard of care high and patient costs low by raising funds for much-needed equipment and medical services.

Banner Baywood volunteers have their interests matched with available opportunities in Banner Baywood Medical facilities and community programs.

Expect to be interviewed by a volunteer services representative, receive a tuberculosis test, and have your background checked before starting.

Do You Love Books?

The Mesa Library is a great place to volunteer if you love books! You’ll help people find research materials, learn to use the internet to conduct web searches or send an email. Re-shelve books and collect them from the drop-off box.

Volunteering at the Mesa Library comes with some nice benefits; make new friends, meet interesting people, and learn the details of keeping a library running smoothly.

As a Mesa Library volunteer, you’ll receive access to the City of Mesa training to learn valuable skills.

Help Animals

The Phoenix Zoo could use your help. There are over a hundred different roles spread over almost a dozen departments where you can make a difference. The Zoo also has special events that require many helping hands to make sure they go smoothly.

You need to pass a background check and commit to at least 75 hours of service annually. Of course, you should be comfortable working with staff and zoo patrons. This is a wonderful opportunity to indulge your love of wildlife.

Mesa Schools Need Volunteers

The Mesa Public Schools have many places where your help is needed.

School booster clubs that plan activities and raise funds for the school are a great place to use your organizational skills.

Be an art masterpiece volunteer and discuss individual paintings with elementary school children. Introduce a new generation to the magic of fine art.

Help gifted children by joining the Mesa Supporters of the Gifted and Talented. They work with the school district to advocate for gifted students.

Help the City of Mesa

Use the experience and skills you’ve developed over your career to help the City of Mesa be a better place. As a volunteer, you’ll receive on the job training and learn new skills. Be recognized as a valued member of the Mesa team and enjoy doing work that is of value to the Mesa community.

Stay Interested

Volunteer to stay interested in life and accomplish important work for your Mesa community.

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