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Mesa Senior Living

Retirees who need a helping hand often look to senior living options for a solution. In the Mesa area, seniors will find dozens of services and providers who offer assistance both in the home and out. Whether you’re searching for someone to help out with chores, cook meals, or help you manage your medication at home, or you’re looking for an all-inclusive community for people just like you, there’s an option in Mesa. Here we’ll discuss some of the resources available in the area.

How much does senior living cost in Mesa?

According to the 2016 figures in the Cost of Care survey conducted by Genworth, seniors in Phoenix and the surrounding suburbs, including Mesa, can expect to pay a similar amount for senior care as the national median. The survey explores the costs of in-home care options like home health aide and homemaker services, as well as community-based options like assisted living and nursing home care.

Generally, annual costs for Mesa residents are within a few percent of the national median costs annually. A good example is the cost of assisted living. Seniors in the Phoenix area will pay a median of $41,460 annually, while nationally the median is $43,539 per year. Similarly, for homemaker services Mesa residents can expect to pay exactly the same, on average, as the national median, $45,760 per year.

Senior living options available in Mesa

Every day, more and more Baby Boomers reach retirement age. As the population of adults over the age of 65 continues to grow, so do the services and resources in the community. Seniors searching for help in the home, or who want to find a new community to call home have many different options to choose from. Here’s a summary of care and community options available in Mesa.

If you want to stay in your home

Growing old at home is a popular choice for retirees. Through the right combination of in-home care services, seniors can age comfortably and safely at home for a long time.

Homemaker services offer seniors assistance around the house with daily needs like light housekeeping, cooking meals, and daily grooming. Home health services, like those provided by Arizona Home Care, are available to seniors with chronic diseases who need help administering their medications, or who require assistance with wound care or rehabilitation.

Adult day programs are located at centers in the community where seniors can interact and join in on fun activities daily. Some centers will offer services for seniors with dementia or memory loss. To find a site in your area, search through the Arizona Association of Adult Day Services (AAADS).

Independent concierge services can be hired to help with many small needs around the house like caring for a pet, delivering groceries and household goods, or doing minor home repairs.

How to choose an in-home provider

It’s a good idea to make sure the provider you’re hiring is reputable, licensed, and qualified. Use Senior Advisor’s care checklist to make sure they will meet your needs.

Living in a care community

Seniors can choose to live outside their home in a senior community. There are four main types of communities, each offering a different level of care to the residents.

Independent living communities provide a maintenance-free lifestyle on a resort property where seniors live amongst their peers.

Assisted living properties will have staff on hand who can help residents with daily needs that aren’t medically related, like bathing and dressing, transportation, and will sometimes offer meals and activities for residents.

Nursing homes provide residents with around the clock care. Seniors can stay in these communities long-term to provide help with chronic conditions, or short-term such as after a hospitalization or surgery.

Dementia care is often available in a specialized wing of a nursing home where residents receive customized care and security measures to help manage their condition.

Questions to ask about your senior community

Senior Advisor summarizes important points in this helpful article on how to find the right community for you. It includes five tips on what to ask to make sure you’re choosing a safe and comfortable community for you or your loved one.

How do you finance senior care?

It may seem challenging to afford senior care, but there is more than one way to pay for it. While many retirees will begin by looking at their retirement savings and social security benefits, there are other options. Low-income seniors may qualify for Medicaid assistance, and veterans and their widows who served during wartime could qualify to receive a VA Aid & Attendance benefit. Both require an application. Seniors who own their home can research equity available through a reverse mortgage to see if the benefits and risks are worthwhile to pay for care.

Volunteer to get involved

Seniors who want to donate their time and talents to a great community organization can contact the Senior Source to be connected to one in need. Many of the area non-profits have opportunities for seniors to help out with special events and daily needs in the area.

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