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Mesa Respite Care and Adult Day Care

Offering a professional care setting is sometimes what seniors need in order to get the social interaction they desire. Family caregivers are not always available on a regular basis to offer the correct amount of companionship and interaction a senior requires. Adult day care centers and respite care programs are available in the Mesa area to provide that professional care setting. They work with caregivers to ensure their loved ones are receiving the time and attention they deserve.

Characteristics of Adult Day Care and Respite Care Programs

There are many key characteristics of adult day care and respite care programs that people should look for when choosing a facility for their loved ones. Some are sub par compared to others.

Mealtimes are a common characteristic of adult day care and respite care programs. During these meals, only healthy food choices are offered. This is to ensure seniors are receiving adequate nutrition for their already aging bodies.

Therapeutic activities are also common among adult day care institutions. This not only includes physical therapy through exercises, but mental stimulation as well. The activities that are considered therapeutic help to increase mental stimulation and physical range of motion.

Personal care is also provided. Seniors that need assistance using the bathroom and then getting dressed again will have a nurse available to help them. A staff member may also assist with eating if that is a struggle.

Social interaction is also a major component of adult day care. Planned activities are set so that each person attending the facility for the day has the opportunity to interact with one another. They may simply talk and enjoy each other's company, or spend time competing while playing games.

Places That Provide Adult Day Care in Mesa

There are several places that provide adult day care in and around the Mesa area. Brookdale Springs Mesa has respite services available. Seniors can stay for just a day, or they can continue remaining at the facility for a short stay while they need rehabilitation services. No matter how short the stay is, seniors will receive meals, medical supervision, social interaction, and assistance any time it is needed. There are plenty of activities available on site that each person will get to participate in.

Costs of Care and Who Pays for It

The costs of care ranks higher in Arizona than the average location throughout the U.S. Mesa is slightly cheaper than other places in the state, with a median price of $77. It reaches $80 in many other parts of Arizona. This still could equate to nearly $20,000 in total care expenses per year if a person attends on all weekdays.

Cutting costs is key in making sure care can be afforded. The caregiver and the person being taken care of are the main two responsible for the care costs. They can lower their fees by working with a federally funded program, such as Medicaid. They will often help pay at least a small amount of the total price.

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