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Mesa Nursing Homes

When you think about nursing homes, do you often imagine older adults near the end of their life? It’s not the happiest of pictures, but it’s also not the only purpose nursing homes serve. Many seniors will spend at least a little time in a nursing home, so you should know a few things about Mesa facilities. There are places like Springdale Village and Citadel Post Acute that focus on helping seniors get better faster after an injury, accident, or illness so they can go home sooner. Desert Blossom Health & Rehab Center provides a full range of services like wound care and therapy for their nursing home residents.

Mesa is a beautiful place to live, and there are some excellent facilities in the area. This guide can help you learn more about nursing home services, the cost, and what to look for if you do need long-term care.

Nursing Home Facts

According to CMC Nursing Home Data Compendium, AARP Long Term Care in Arizona, Administration on Aging’s Profile of Older Americans,

The number of people 65 and older in 2014 was over 46.2 million which is a 28% increase since 2004.

Adults who reach 65 have an average life expectancy of 19.3 years.

There are 12 certified nursing homes in Mesa and 148 total in Arizona.

There was an occupancy rate of 70.1% in Arizona nursing homes in 2014.

1/3 of Arizona’s nursing homes rated at an above average status.

How Long Is an Average Stay in A Nursing Home?

Most older adults can expect an average stay of three years in a nursing home, but women do tend to stay a little longer because they live longer than men. Many factors go into how long any patient will remain in a facility. Severe conditions and illnesses might require a person to stay for years while other residents might stay only a few weeks.

Residents that stay a few weeks use nursing homes as a transitional phase between the hospital and their home. They often have a good prognosis and just need a little additional help before they can live in their house again. A good example of this is a senior who has broken their leg but experienced no other complications while in the hospital. They will go to a nursing home for physical therapy and then return home once they complete their rehab.

Respite care is also another service many nursing homes provide and a reason patients might only stay a brief time. Family caregivers need to take regular breaks to avoid burnout, and they might also have other obligations that keep them away from their duties. Nursing homes can take care of their loved ones until they return and these short-term stays are an effective way to test out facilities in case you need one long-term in the future.

Services in Nursing Homes

A lot goes on in nursing homes, and there are plenty of services, so each patient gets the care they need. Certified nursing assistants help residents get out of bed, get dressed, go to the bathroom, bathe, and handle wheelchair transfers. Nurses take care of medical needs like checking vital signs, changing bandages, scheduling medications, and caring for chronic conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Nursing home patients that are there for rehabilitative services use a variety of therapy to help them get stronger. Occupational therapy helps patients get better at daily tasks, speech therapy can help with swallowing or relearning how to talk after a stroke, and physical therapy helps seniors regain mobility after a fall or surgery. If a resident isn’t going to leave the nursing home, they can use hospice care. A care team will help the patient and their families prepare for the end of life.

Food is a crucial part of recovery, and the meal plans at nursing homes will help ensure each patient gets the proper nutrition. Meals are usually served in a dining hall setting so patients can sit with friends or family members while they eat. Nurses will standby to assist, and there is also the option to eat in your room.

There are also fun events at nursing homes like movie nights, game groups, live performances, exercise classes, and arts and crafts. Seniors who are able might also go on daily outings to local destinations. Some nursing homes also have several religious services and Bible studies or prayer meetings along with holiday celebrations.

Patients can also take advantage of salon or barber services so they can get haircuts and shaves. There might also be nail services to help each resident look their best whether it’s for visitors or to make themselves feel better.

Costs for Mesa Nursing Homes

The cost of long-term care is not cheap, but in Mesa and the surrounding areas, it is a little more manageable. For the Phoenix area, which includes Mesa, the annual cost for a semi-private room is $75,555 while a private room is $95,630. This breaks down into a monthly cost of $6,296 and $7,969 respectively. Keep in mind these are just average prices, and you can find rates that are higher or lower.

The location of each facility will affect its cost, and the size of the home could change the price. How long you stay and the services you get while you’re there will also come into play. If you’re a Medicaid patient, choose Medicaid approved facilities, and the rate will be the agreed upon price. If you don’t qualify for Medicaid but are still on a tight budget, you might be able to work with a non-profit facility and get a rate that fits your budget.

Finding Your Nursing Home

A lot of thought should go into your nursing home choice, so make sure you do your homework. You can use the help of a senior advisor or friends and relatives if you’re short on time. Facilities should be properly licensed and have a history of responding quickly to complaints. Ask to see the latest inspection report and if they don’t show it to you, don’t pursue that location.

Try to visit as many places as you can so you can get a sense of each home. Watch how the staff interacts with the residents, see how clean it is, and ask to eat a meal in the cafeteria. If you need more help coming up with questions, check out the resources available through the Arizona Health Care Association.

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