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You have to take certain measures to maintain your health as you leave middle age and join the ranks of our elderly population. One of the most important is by re-evaluating your routine medical care.

Your Medical Needs Change with Age

At age 65 and beyond, your body will require the attention of medical staff who are specialists in geriatric medicine. A geriatric physician will help relieve the symptoms of chronic conditions and degenerative diseases that can reduce your quality of life.

For Mesa seniors, there are some good options for quality geriatric service. Read this guide to familiarize yourself with what medical care Mesa has to offer for its senior citizens.

Medical Care for Elders in Mesa

According to U.S. News and World Report the Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa is ranked 7th regionally in Arizona, and high-performing in 3 adult procedures:

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Colon cancer surgery

Heart failure

They provide hip replacement, knee replacement, and lung cancer surgery as well.

At Banner Desert Medical Center you will benefit from a medical staff that has access to state of the art facilities. The hospital is equipped with high-tech equipment such as da Vinci surgical robots and 3D cancer technology.

Banner Desert Medical Center also offers integrative therapies:

Dog therapy

Music and massage therapy

The oasis spa; a team of skilled and licensed practitioners who will help you reduce stress, increase energy, and well-being

The Banner Baywood Medical Center has served the East Valley for more than 30 years. They’re regionally ranked 9th in Arizona according to U.S. News and World Report.

Banner Baywood Medical Center is high-performing in 5 adult specialties; diabetes and endocrinology, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, colon cancer surgery, heart failure, and hip replacement.

At Banner Baywood Medical Center, you’ll find a comprehensive palliative care program. Patients with serious or terminal diseases will be provided treatments to improve their quality of life.

For people suffering from chronic or slow healing wounds, Banner Baywood Medical Center offers a wound care program to focus on these difficult wounds.

The wound care specialists at Banner Baywood can treat:

Diabetic ulcers

Infected wounds

Ischemic wounds

Pressure ulcers

Radiation skin injuries

Soft tissue and bone infections

Surgical wounds

Traumatic injuries

Venous stasis ulcers

Our backs and joints are typically worse for wear after several decades of living; the Arizona Spine and Joint Hospital in Mesa can help.

According to U.S. News and World Report, they are rated high-performing for hip replacement surgery.

The Arizona Spine and Joint Hospital was established in 2002 and claim to use an innovative and progressive approach to orthopedic, spine, and podiatry surgeries. According to their website, they have physicians who excel in the area of pain management and are a comprehensive facility for ortho/neuro, podiatry and pain management.

How to Find the Elder Medical Care You Need

It can seem overwhelming at the outset, but with some online resources and a little networking, you should have no problem finding quality geriatric care.

Two good sources of online information are: the US News and World Report doctor finder as well as the search tool.

Talk to friends and family, ask for recommendations from people who already have experience with geriatric care, it can save lots of effort.

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