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Financial planning is vital for almost everyone. Unfortunately, there are too many people who consider financial planning to be something only the wealthy need to be concerned with.

We all have financial goals we are trying to reach. In the increasingly complex world we live in, just ensuring we are comfortable in our retirement years can be a difficult undertaking.

A competent financial planner can help you reach those goals. The guidance and advice that you’ll receive will help you make the best possible financial decisions for your circumstances.

From tax planning to long-term care coverage, a reputable and knowledgeable financial planner will guide you in the right direction.

As your wealth grows, you’ll have someone to guide your investment decisions for the best results. Financial planners help keep people on the path to financial security.

The Mesa, Arizona area is where many competent financial advisors are located.

Early is Better

You need a financial planner as soon as you start your working career. Good planning will help you grow your assets, and get started on the long road to a comfortable old age. The right advice can save you from making mistakes that could cost you a lot of hard earned money.

The best time to use the services of a financial planner is: as soon as possible.

Where Financial Planners can be Found

There are a variety of online sources that you can use to find competent financial advice for your situation, and stage in life.

The Better Business Bureau of Arizona has a directory of accredited businesses listing financial planning consultants. The CF Board of Standards has a searchable database that will help you locate planners by compensation type, location, or specialty.

Don’t forget to ask people you trust for recommendations. Someone who is happy with their financial planner would be happy to refer you.

You Need to Look For Certain Things in a Planner

Credentials are important when choosing a financial planner. Use the CFP Board of Standards helpful search tool. Enter the name and address of the planner you are considering and find out their certification status, history of discipline (if any), and even if they’ve declared bankruptcy in the last decade.

Why is a Fiduciary Preferable?

When you speak to a financial advisor, ask if he or she is a fiduciary. The law requires a fiduciary to look out for the client’s best interests first, not their own.

How is the Planner Compensated?

Financial advisors are paid for their services in one of four different ways.

A planner can be paid by the hour, which is sometimes best for people who haven’t accumulated many assets yet.

The planner can be fee-based; this means that they earn a percentage of the money they manage. Some consider this the best way to pay a planner because his pay is based on how your money performs.

Commission based compensation is the next option. The planner is paid a commission by the financial product companies he works with. This payment option opens the possibility of conflicts of interest and is not recommended.

The last option is a mix of commission and fee-based; this can occur when the planner is also selling insurance products, which are usually commission based.

Use Your Judgment

Meet with the planners you are considering and decide who will best serve your long-term goals.

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