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Mesa Aging In Place

If given a choice, most seniors would choose to stay in their homes instead of going to an assisted living facility to get care. Fortunately, aging in place services can make this choice a reality for many seniors. Homemakers will take care of household chores, prepare healthy meals, and run any errand you might have as well as home health aides who will monitor vital signs and preexisting conditions, help with mobility, and provide other types of therapy all in the comfort of your house. There is a home care service for almost any type of need you might have, and they are available in Mesa.

Will I Have To Pay For Services?

Payment for home care services can depend on a few different factors. First, if your doctor has prescribed home care you could get reimbursed or have the services covered. Second, Veterans might not have to pay for home services if it’s covered through their VA benefits. Look at your coverage and see what providers are approved for in-home care. Finally, the East Valley Adult Resources group might be able to help you find services and cover the cost if you’re a qualified senior.

What Will These Services Cost?

The cost of in-home care is going to vary from state to state and even from person to person. Where you live, what care you need, and how often you get it will all play into your total cost. The current national average for home health aides and homemakers is around $3,800 per month.

In Mesa, that average is just a little bit higher. Home health aides cost around $4,063 per month or around $134 per day and homemakers cost around $3,813 per month or $125 per day. It’s important to remember these are just averages and you can find a provider that fits your budget in your neighborhood.

How Do I Find A Provider In Mesa?

You will need to do a little research as you look for your in-home care provider but it’s important, so you find services and people that fit your needs. Start by asking your doctor if they have any recommendations as well as talking to friends and family. You can also look online at sites like the Arizona Better Business Bureau to find more information on companies and see what their previous customers thought of their services.

You are going to want to ask plenty of questions too so once you have a shortlist, start making calls. Find out if they have insurance and if they are licensed and bonded. It’s also a good idea to ask how they hire their employees and what kind of screening process they use. Finally, ask how they like to schedule their clients and what type of payment options they have. You want to be clear on all terms and agreements before signing a contract and starting services.

Do I Have Other Home Care Options?

Homemakers and home health aides are the most popular choices for in-home care, but they aren’t the only ones. If you aren’t ready to have someone around you 24/7 or you don’t need that type of attention just yet, you can look for specific services online. Concierge services allow you to pick and choose what you need; all you need is a computer to access this service. provides pet care for pet owners while Favor and TaskRabbit can help you find someone to pick up your dry cleaning or run to the grocery store. If your house is in need of repairs or improvements so you can get around easier, check out or Amazon Home Services. You can even find providers who will deliver weekly healthy meals, clean your house, and take your car in for repairs.

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