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Mesa 55+ Communities

One of the best things about entering retirement is that you have the chance to design your life just the way you want. You finally have plenty of time to spend with your family, doing your hobbies, and just enjoying your golden years. If you have been looking for a way to minimize the number of chores and maintenance you have to do around your house so you can thoroughly enjoy this time in your life, a 55+ community could be just right for you.

55+ communities include places like independent living communities, retirement villages, senior living centers, and even some assisted living facilities. These types of homes can give you the luxury of never worrying about cleaning your house, doing your laundry, or even cooking your meals. Some have even more perks like on-site salons, fitness centers, and golf courses.

Arizona is one of the top places to retire and Mesa is home to a large number of seniors, which means there are plenty of options when it comes to 55+ communities. Mesa is even home to two of’s 2016 Best of Senior Living Awards, Brookdale Springs Mesa and Heritage Village Assisted Living.

Cost Of 55+ Communities In Mesa

You’re going to pay more for an independent living apartment than you would a regular apartment, but that can vary based on location and the type of amenities you choose. A regular one-bedroom apartment in Mesa averages about $850 per month while independent living one-bedroom apartments can cost anywhere from $1,300 to $3,800 per month. Remember that while this seems very expensive, you will be getting more services for your money.

Paying For 55+ Communities In Mesa

Paying for a 55+ community is going to depend mostly on your personal funds. Things like Medicaid, VA benefits, or long-term care insurance is not going to cover your living costs. Those only kick in if you need help paying for health care like in home nurses or a stay at a nursing home.

You can use things like Social Security or substantial retirement funds to help cover the costs. If you are moving from your home, you could sell it or even rent it out and use that money to pay for your new home. A roommate is also an option and can help cut the cost of your new apartment in half. Just make sure you are ok with a companion and the community you live in allows you to have a roommate.

What To Look For In A 55+ Community

The best way to find a new home that will fit your needs is to think about the type of lifestyle you want during your retirement. If you love animals and have pets, make sure you find a place that is pet-friendly. If you have a large family and will have frequent overnight guests, choose a home that will allow for that. Do you want to live close to a downtown area or would you like a quieter neighborhood? Do you have a car or will you need other transportation? Do you like to travel or are you more of a homebody?

Take all of these things into consideration, and then you can start your search for a new home. Ask for suggestions from close friends who know you well and make sure to visit each place before you decide.

The Basics And Extras Of 55+ Communities

The amenities offered by 55+ communities are some of the best reasons to move into a new home. There are a few things usually included in the cost of your rent, and then there are extra perks that might cost more money. Before signing a lease, ask to see what is included and what could cost extra.

Most often things like cable, housekeeping, and laundry services will be built into your rent. Transportation is another amenity that could be included, and this is important if you need a ride to get around town and do things like grocery shop. Meal plans are often offered, or they might be a service that you can turn down. If you like to cook your own meals, then you can save some money by not having a meal plan.

When you start to look around, you can discover the full range of extra perks and services that each place offers. Some communities might have things like:

Swimming pools Fitness centers Golf courses Salons Restaurants Art or cooking classes Gardening areas Entertainment like movies or concerts On-site emergency services Massage, physical, or occupational therapy services

Only choose the services you know that you will enjoy and use frequently, otherwise you might go over budget.

The Right Neighborhood

Where your community is located can also play a factor in your final decision. Take into consideration how close things like grocery stores or your doctor are to the community and whether you will have to use your own car, public transportation, or transportation services provided by the facility. Also, make sure your new home is near the things you like to do and the people you want to spend time with in town.

Your Future

Another perk of living in a 55+ community is that many of them will be able to provide you the care you need, as you get older. There are a few places like Heritage Village Assisted Living that will allow you to be independent while you can and adapt to your needs as you age and require more help. While Brookdale Springs is more of an independent living community, there are options to help you as needed.

No matter where you choose to live, each community has their unique way of allowing you to age with dignity and enjoy your retirement.

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