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How Much Does It Cost to Retire in Mesa, AZ?

Are you thinking about whether to settle down in Mesa after retirement? Many seniors choose this destination for its low cost of living and high quality of life. Real estate sites such as Movoto and personal finance sites such as NerdWallet name Mesa as one of the top retirement destinations in the Phoenix area thanks to its affordable housing, world-class health services, and more.

How to find a home that fits your budget

The cost of housing in Mesa and the Phoenix metroplex area is relatively high, with local homes costing a median of $230,200, and prices are expected to continue increasing. Rental rates within the city, on the other hand, are on the low side. As of October 2016, a one-bedroom apartment in Mesa cost an average of just $855 per month.

If you require assistance with daily living activities, you’ll find that the cost of assisted living in Mesa does not differ significantly from national costs. Room and board in a local assisted living facility costs a median of $41,640 per year. Care in a nursing facility costs significantly more for Mesa seniors, but nursing home residents are able to save thousands of dollars each year by sharing a room.

How to manage the cost of health care services

Whether you need 24-hour care in a nursing facility or just need a quick check up, the Arizona Medicare program can help you to save on your medical bills. Medicare spending in Maricopa County is in line with national spending, amounting to $9,023 per beneficiary in 2014.

While Mesa seniors enjoy reasonable health care costs, Medicare beneficiaries are still responsible for covering a portion of their doctor’s bill, including standard coinsurance. If your doctor is a non-participating provider, you may have to pay the difference between their fee and Medicare’s fee-for-service rate.

How to find affordable transportation

Mesa drivers pay low prices for gasoline, and car insurance rates in the area are comparable to those in neighboring cities. Local adults can expect to pay an average annual premium of around $630 dollars.

Seniors who do not own a car can easily travel throughout Mesa by hopping on a Valley Metro bus or rail line. If you are over the age of 65, you can purchase reduced fare tickets at a steep discount. Mesa area express routes and RAPID bus services are also available, costing $3.25 for a one-way ride, while East Valley Dial-a-Ride provides paratransit services for elderly and disabled adults.

How to have fun without spending a penny

Mesa is home to luxury shopping centers, fine dining, and vibrant nightlife, but where can you go when you’re looking for free entertainment? A number of local parks allow visitors to hike, explore and enjoy the scenery without paying an admission fee. You can also visit the free Mesa Community College Rose Garden to experience nearly 9,000 rosebushes in bloom. If you’re looking for something to do the next time date night rolls around, the Mesa Arts Center regularly hosts free concerts and special events.

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