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Senior-Friendly Workplaces in Memphis

Retirement jobs may seem to be a bit of an oxymoron; however, this is a growing trend among the generation of baby boomers who are now beginning to reach the age of 55 and above. The simple fact is, more and more people are seeking jobs after retiring.

There are several reasons for this surge of mature workers into the workforce. One is because they need money to live off of. However, other seniors simply want to do something of value and something they enjoy. For many, this means reentering the workforce.

Fortunately, more and more employers are recognizing the benefit of hiring older workers, and as a result there are more employment options for the over 55 crowd in Memphis, TN than ever before.

55+ Job Seeking Resources

Career Centers all across the state of Tennessee offer a number of different employment services. These are wide ranging services, such as job training programs, career counseling, workforce development and general employee development. Specialists and counselors are present on-site to help unemployed veterans and seniors get the assistance they need.

The Career Center that serves the Memphis community is the Tennessee Career Center at Memphis of Shelby and Fayette Counties. Here seniors can speak with career service professionals who will help them locate employers interested in their services and provide meetings, interviews and other resources to help them acquire the position.

Paid Work Options for Seniors

The Tennessee Senior Community Service Employment Program is one of the options for unemployed, low-income seniors who are over the age of 55. For a senior to be eligible for this program, they need to be actively seeking work or new skills and meet the set income thresholds.

This is a program that was originated by the federal government and that offers part-time, subsidized work experience for candidates. It allows older individuals in Tennessee to obtain the necessary skills for being able to acquire permanent employment.

Help for Seniors Seeking Work

A source of help for some seniors in Tennessee is offered by Workforce Development. For example, Veterans in Tennessee can work with people who were formerly in the military to help them find employment in their older years.

Another resource for older veterans in Memphis who are looking for a job is offered by Operation Stand Down. In 2015 alone, the organization helped 121 Veterans in the state of Tennessee find employment. While this may not seem like a lot, this number represents over 100 people who would otherwise not be employed.

The Tennessee Workforce Development Division is the primary agency that is responsible for the job training, education services and employment for seniors. This service offers assistance from professionals in the area to help seniors who want to develop their work skills and ability and make them more appealing to potential, modern employers.

The Agency on Aging in Tennessee also offers help with seniors who are seeking employment in the Memphis area. Contact the local service provider to begin finding the job that is right for any senior’s Golden Years.

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