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Memphis Veterans Benefits

In exchange for their years of service, veterans earn many different benefits, but the tricky part is accessing all of them. Memphis-area vets can utilize several local resources to assist with finding and applying for their healthcare benefits (that include mental health and substance abuse treatment programs), career services, and programs that provide housing solutions. Memphis-area veterans health care programs

VA healthcare benefits are available to most veterans, although some don’t realize that they qualify for the program. According to the VA, any veteran who completed and was discharged from their active duty service, and did not receive a dishonorable discharge, qualifies. Vets from the Reserves and National guard can also be eligible, provided they completed their service period ordered by the federal government and meet other criteria. The VA uses a priority group system to sort applications once they are received.

The Memphis VA Medical Center offers area veterans a wide array of care services. Primary and speciality care are available, as are women’s health programs, in-home care, hospice services, and support programs for family members who provide care to veterans. The mental health services department at the VA provide specialized care for vets with PTSD or who develop memory issues. Substance abuse treatment programs and addiction are also available on-site.

Housing help though veteran benefits

The Shelby County Mayor’s Office on Aging compiles a comprehensive Senior Information Handbook annually that is packed full of community resources, including details on state and federal programs available to vets to assist with home, land, and long-term care costs.

Programs include:

Federal VA home loan programs

VASH program for low-income and homeless seniors

Exemptions from property taxes for vets who have a disability connected to their active-duty service

Loans for home improvements

Veteran-friendly nursing homes Memphis and Tennessee

Tennessee State Veterans Homes

The VA also runs assistance programs for veterans who are at risk of homelessness. Emergency help is available, as are employment and education resources to help you find work and get back on your feet.

Veterans who are looking for housing and have daily care needs can apply for the VA Medical Foster Home program. Administered through the Memphis VA, participants are matched with a fully vetted caregiver in a local home who include the vet in daily family life and provide care like meal preparation, help with daily grooming, and transportation.

Where else to look for veterans benefits resources in Memphis

There are several other area resources that can also assist vets with their benefits, including the Shelby County Veterans Services Department. The Memphis-based office has staff who can help vets apply for and maximize their benefits, access education and employment resources, and assist their families and survivors with burial services. The Veterans Resource Center is another excellent resource that provides veterans with counseling services on their benefits, and the Tennessee Department of Veterans Services can be contacted for help with any of the available state and federal benefits programs.

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