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Memphis Senior Movers and Downsizers

When seniors begin to think about downsizing, it usually feels pretty great in the beginning when the thought of decluttering and making life more manageable is pretty appealing. Many seniors have a lifetime of personal belongings. Moving means sorting through everything and deciding what to keep, what to give away, and what to sell. The process sometimes gets quickly overwhelming and the excitement about downsizing makes them want to give up. Professional movers, packers and organizers can be of great help when it comes time to downsize.

Senior Movers is Becoming a Specialized Field

It’s difficult to find numbers on the amount of senior moving companies, but the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) reports that the numbers of senior moving companies are on the rise. NASMM trains and accredits moving companies in the areas of compassion, coordination, and stress reduction with regard to senior moving. NASMM’s membership grew from 22 members in 2002, to over 1,000 members in 2016. Members moved and managed over 100,000 senior moves in 2015. Total revenues for the industry spiked to $150 million in 2015.

What Sets Senior Movers Apart from Other Movers?

Making decisions about getting rid of possessions is emotional for most seniors. Well-meaning family and friends want to help, but the relationship between them and the senior often gets in the way. Professional movers keep things professional in ways that keep the sorting and packing process moving along, while respecting the attachment the seniors have to their belongings. Workers for senior moving companies are sensitive and compassionate, while providing hands-on help. Seniors who hire professional help with moving get through the process much faster, which saves them time and money.

Looking for Senior Movers in Memphis

There are a couple of organizations that have listings of Senior Movers. Mid-South Professional Organizers is the Memphis affiliate of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). The organization supports senior moving companies with opportunities for education and networking. Senior moving companies that join as members of NAPO receive an entry in the online listing of service providers. NASMM also offers a membership for senior moving companies and has an online search engine that locates senior moving companies within a certain radius of a zip code. Craters and Freighters offers several moving programs, including a senior moving program. The company organizes fine arts and other items for an estate sale. Movers are trained to keep the process stress-free. They will also move one item, one room, or all items in the house.

Planning for Senior Moving Costs

NASMM states that rates vary substantially throughout the country. Seniors in Memphis can expect to pay average costs for moving, which ranges between $41 and $60 per hour. This cost is low as compared with senior moving costs in big cities like New York and Chicago, where senior moving companies charge $100 per hour or more. Complete senior moving packages including carefully packing items and loading them on a truck can run as much as $10,000. Many movers offer a la carte and package deals to help seniors save money.

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