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Memphis Neighborhood Guide

When you mention “living in Memphis” to people of a certain age, they will envision The King and his Graceland mansion located in the vast Whitehaven community nine miles north of Downtown. Of course, Elvis is no longer with us, but you can now take a tour of his beautiful Memphis home.

Memphis these days has more diversity and is more appealing to working empty nesters and retired people with everything from loft living in hip urban pockets of the city to small-town exurbs and country-club suburbs.

Uniquely Memphis Neighborhoods

Situated in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Central Gardens is the premier residential and historic neighborhood of the Mid-South. The area is a National Historic District, and more than 1,300 of their churches and residences are listed on the National Historic Register. In addition to the many grand houses, the centerpiece of the neighborhood is the Central Gardens Arboretum, which is one of only two Level III Accredited Arboretums in the state.

Though it is not a neighborhood per se, the Beale Street was named the most iconic street in America by USA Today. It is Tennessee’s top tourist attraction. Located in Downtown, it is the place to go for arts, music, and entertainment in Memphis.

Best Memphis Suburbs for Retirees

Movoto is a popular website for ranking the top suburbs for retirees outside of big cities across the United States. They came out with a list of the Top 5 Best Memphis Suburbs to Retire in. Their top pick was Millington, Tennessee, where more than fourteen percent of the residents are 65 years of age or older, and they offer over 80 amenities for seniors. There are well-maintained parks, three challenging golf courses, and a vibrant public library.

West Memphis, Arkansas was also high on Movoto’s list because of its low cost of living and affordable ranch-style houses on large lots. There is a country club, and the downtown historic district is home to quaint shops and restaurants. Other suburbs on the list were Germantown, TN, Munford, TN, and Southaven, MS.

Choose Your Own Perfect Neighborhood

Of course, the above recommendations may not have what you are looking for. One tool you might consider using to determine a good neighborhood is Neighborhood Scout. They offer an interactive map that shows exactly which parts of Memphis have affordable housing, low crime rates, high home appreciation rates, and quality public schools.

For instance, by clicking on the Crime Rates tab, you can see that the safest neighborhoods include Benjestown / Giles Town, Fisherville / Eads, Berclair, and others. The most affordable housing is in the Plant Road / Riverport Road area, Walnut Grove Road / Moore Road area, Hollywood, and other spots. Even though older adults usually do not have a need for them, good public schools are an indicator of the quality of a neighborhood. Fisherville /Eads has exemplary public schools.

Memphis is eclectic and big enough to provide you with whatever lifestyle you are looking for. Have fun finding your next home and exploring the city.

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