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Memphis In-Home Care

In 2011, the very first baby boomer reached the age of 65. It is now estimated that 10,000 people will reach this age each day. Right now, it is estimated that there are 75 million people who identify as baby boomers. In the upcoming 15 years, 1,245,064 residents of Tennessee, or 20% of the existing population, will reach the age of 65. This upward trend represents an increase of 65 percent who are going to need some type of care or service in the future.

While some residents will require long-term care solutions such as a nursing home or assisted living facility, others will want to remain in their own homes, where they are comfortable. The best way for them to do this while still receiving the necessary care is to look into in-home care services.

Learn more about the in-home care services in Memphis here to determine if this is the best option for you or your senior loved one.

Types of in-home care in Memphis

In the state of Tennessee, all home health care agencies have to be licensed by the Tennessee Department of Health. There are also a number of standards that must be met to be in compliance with all the regulations for home-care providers.

Getting to know a bit of what previous clients had to say about the services received from in-home care providers in Memphis can be beneficial. offers countless reviews from real clients which can prove helpful to those who are trying to find an in-home care provider.

Providers such as Right at Home, make sure all level of comfort is provided for each client including any detailed tasks. According to a family member of a senior client, “Their attention to detail, even on the small details, such as folding towels was impressive.”

The managers also ensure that caregivers are living up to expectations. “Not only do they offer great assistance, they also follow up to make sure everything is going great,” one of the First Choice client’s recently said.

Covering your needs with in-home care

In-home care offers seniors and their families the services they need on a schedule that works for them. The care is also customized to the needs of the senior. When you begin researching the options, you will discover there are two basic types of in-home care to choose from: 1) skilled or medical care and 2) unskilled or custodial care.

The custodial care services ensure seniors have assistance with activities of daily life, such as getting dressed, cooking meals and running errands. The skilled care services provide medical treatment for seniors and are typically provided under the care of a physician.

Creating a senior care toolbox

When it comes to caring for a senior loved one, it can be challenging. The good news is that there are quite a few resources that can be used to make this easier. In-home care services that provide a senior with help with basic, day-to-day tasks is one service while some others are found here.

One resource that can be helpful is the Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP). This service provides free counseling services for seniors as part of a State Health Insurance Assistance program. The counselors provide answers to common questions a senior may have.

Another resource is the Tennessee Area Agencies on Aging. This also offers more information for seniors, including resources provided by the state.

Paying for in-home care – options and assistance

Paying for in-home care can be a challenge for some seniors and families. In Memphis, the average cost of a home aide is $17 per hour. For someone who needs extensive care throughout the day, the cost for this care yearly can reach $40,000.

Finding help to cover these costs is of paramount importance for many seniors. TennCare CHOICES is a program that many seniors use to cover the costs of in-home care. However, there are certain requirements that must be met to receive this assistance. While this covers quite a few people in Tennessee, it is not able to be acquired by everyone, which is when other options are needed.

Other options to help cover the cost of in-home care include taking out a reverse mortgage on the home where the senior lives or investing in long-term care insurance. Both of these options will help a senior cover the costs of the care they need without experiencing any type of financial strain. This is beneficial and also reduces the burden that some family members feel to cover the cost of in-home care.

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