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Memphis Family Caregiver Benefits

Many seniors are choosing to stay in their own homes as they age and as a result, more family members are providing caregiver support. Being a caregiver for your family member is not an easy job and it can sometimes feel like you’re all on your own but there are so many resources at your disposal. City, state, and government agencies along with nonprofit groups are providing services and support for family caregivers whether it’s a short break in your day or a longer respite. Here are some options in Memphis that you can use to take care of your loved one and your well-being.

Alzheimer’s Association Mid-South Chapter

The Mid-South chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association serves over 85 different counties throughout Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Virginia. There are educational programs, professional training opportunities, and dozens of other types of events and support that provide caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients find the care and help they need.

If you’re new to caregiving for Alzheimer’s, you can take some of the beginner educational training courses like The Basics of Alzheimer’s Disease. These programs will help you know what to expect and teach you how to handle some of the difficulties you and your loved one might face.

There are various support groups throughout the chapter and you can find one that is close to you. Support groups are important because you can learn from other caregivers and help each other with issues or burdens you may face. Some of these meetings offer respite care so you don’t have to worry about leaving your family member alone to attend.

You can also find support online no matter the time of day through the 24/7 helpline. Trained staff is always on hand to help answer your questions and point you to resources that might be helpful. You can also take part in the online message boards and reach out to other caregivers across the country.

The Mid-South Aging Commission

The Aging Commission is the designated Area Agency on Aging for the Memphis area. Caregivers can find a wide range of services to help support their loved ones. You can take advantage of their adult day care services, hire an adult sitter to stay in your home with your loved one, get meals delivered to your family member, and get access to homemaker services, medical equipment, care counseling and more. They also have information just for caregivers on how to best provide care and where to find important resources. You can call 901-222-4111 for more information.

Memphis VA Health System

Caregivers who take care of veterans can find plenty of resources through the local VA health system at the Memphis VA Medical Center. Resources include:

Caregiver support line that offers assistance, connection to resources, and even a listening ear if that’s what you need at the moment.

Peer support counseling services that connect you with another caregiver to act as a mentor and support system.

Various caregiver support services like adult day care centers, home-based primary care, skilled home care, homemakers, home health aides, respite care, and hospice care.

Telehealth for seniors who can’t travel to doctor appointments but still require medical attention.

To learn more about these services, you can call the Memphis caregiver support coordinator at 901-523-8990.


The TennCare home services program, CHOICES, offers services to help family caregivers, as well as seniors, get the help they need. You can get personal home care visits, meal delivery services, respite care, adult day care services, and much more. If you want to find out how to apply or if you’re qualified, call 1-800-342-3145.

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