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Memphis Demographics and Lifestyle

Whether you are moving to Memphis for the first time, or retiring in the city, Memphis has a lot to offer to seniors, including a rich musical heritage, beautiful weather, and a gorgeous landscape.

The Memphis Community

According to the Census Bureau, there were over 650,000 people in Memphis in 2015 and 646,000 in 2010. Of the 2010 figures, 29 percent identified as white, 63 percent as black or African-American, and 1.6 percent as Asian. 6.5 percent of the population consists of Hispanic or Latino residents, while only 0.2 percent identified as American Indian or Alaska Native. 6.2 percent of Memphis residents were born in another country and 9.4 percent speak another language other than English at home.

Of the population, the number of veterans in Memphis is close to 35,000. Roughly 38,700 senior citizens age 60 and over live in the city. There are more females (339,870) living in Memphis than males (307,019).

Memphis Weather

You can expect hotter temperatures like the low 90s in Memphis during July and August. January tends to be the coldest month with an average high of 50 degrees and an average low of 33 degrees. The average snowfall in January is two inches. The month of April sees the most average precipitation at 5.51 inches. The average annual temperature is a high of 72 degrees and a low of 53 degrees. The average annual precipitation of rainfall is 53.67 inches and just 3 inches of average annual snowfall.

Flooding in Memphis is a very real threat due to flooding at the Mississippi River. reports that a few years ago the city experienced six straight days of rainfall that left some areas with 10 inches of rainfall. When the Mississippi River began to swell, creeks and streams overflowed in nearby areas. At the time, more than 1,000 homes were affected and 601 homes were destroyed across Tennessee. If your home is in a flood prone area, seek higher ground during a flood warning. Also consider purchasing flood insurance on your home.

Memphis also scores high on the earthquake index. Shelby County lies within the New Madrid Seismic Zone. FEMA suggests preparing your home for the event of an earthquake like making sure your home has a strong anchor to the foundation, flexible connectors on gas appliances, and reinforced walls and foundations.

Memphis: A Gorgeous City

Memphis has plenty of tourist spots that highlight its rich musical heritage, but you may not be aware of the city’s parks and wildlife. Memphis has 162 parks and two dog parks, so you can enjoy nature without leaving the city.

The Mississippi River also brings its own wildlife to Memphis and Shelby County. You can see various birds, like the Great blue heron and bald eagles, nesting along the riverbank. Over 200 species of fish inhabit the water and dozens of mammals, like otters and muskrats. Many species of plants grow in the area and hardwood trees such as ash, oak, and maple grow abundantly.

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