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Memphis Concierge Services

Most people think of concierge services in the traditional sense of the words. In today’s world, concierge services go far beyond the sharply uniformed person behind the hotel desk, who arranges services at the snap of the fingers. In today’s business world, the hospitality and caregiving industries no longer collide, rather, they intertwine and intersect quite favorably. For senior citizens, they collaborate in ways that help meet their needs so that they can remain in their homes and ease the stress of caregiving for their loved ones. Here are some of the concierge services that Memphis offers.

Grocery Plus Delivery will go out and grab you a meal from your favorite fast food chain, deliver your grocery order, or deliver your cleaning supplies. The service makes deliveries every day and will make same day or express deliveries upon request.

Weekly Wheels Errand Service picks up or drops off mail, laundry, or prescriptions. They also make business deliveries, help with simple errands, and respond to special requests. They are continually expanding the array of services, which start at $25.

A Head Above Home Repair takes care of most home repairs, including those pesky repairs that are difficult to get other contractors to do. This handyman service tackles big jobs like kitchen and bathroom remodels. They also contract for interior and exterior painting and repairs to gutters, shutters, garage doors, and more. The company helps clients find ways to curb construction costs.

Pet Pal is a professional pet sitting service that is bonded and insured. Pet professionals do dog walking, pet checks, administer medication, and clean litter boxes. Workers will also tend to other household duties such as bringing in mail or newspapers, turning lights off or on, watering plants, and taking out trash.

Mobile Spa Memphis treats their clients to spa services right in their homes. The mobile spa goes to the customer’s home to give facials, massages, body treatments, hand and foot treatments, anti-aging treatments, manicures, and pedicures.

Meals in Motion delivers meals from most fast food and upscale restaurants in East Memphis and Germantown. They make lunch deliveries during the week and dinner deliveries seven days a week. The driver will make stops at convenience or grocery stores for an additional fee. The delivery fee is only $4.99 and there is a minimum order of $10.

Memphis Landscape sends out professional landscapers to plan and design a beautiful yard. They install lighting, retaining walls, fieldstone walls, patios, and walkways. The company also performs lawn maintenance such as moving, trimming, leaf removal, sodding, seeding, and planting flower beds. Other services include irrigations, drainage, and mosquito repairs.

Memphis Public Library will sign you up for a special e-library card where you can check out e-books, magazine, and music online for free.

As more people fight for time in their busy day, providers of concierge services are more in demand than ever. This is great news for senior citizens because it brings many of the services they need right to their fingertips. Whether they use them continually or just occasionally, seniors will appreciate the accessibility of concierge services.

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