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Medicare in Memphis

Nearly 130,000 individuals in Shelby County received benefits from Medicare in 2014, and most of the recipients were seniors. If you have questions for yourself or a loved one about the insurance program, you’ll find answers through both local and online services. If you’re searching for information on how to qualify, the details of what’s covered, or what doctors, hospitals, and nursing homes take patients on the program, there’s a resource that can help in Memphis.

The four parts of Medicare

Medicare is federally-provided insurance coverage to American seniors over the ages of 65 or adults with who meet specific criteria because of qualifying medical conditions. There are four components to the Medicare program: Parts A, B, C, and D. Part A insurance covers hospital care, limited types of care through a home health or skilled nursing provider, and hospice provided care. Part B insurance covers visits to your doctor (with only a few exceptions), wellness checks, some outpatient services, and needed medical supplies. Part C insurance is an optional program called Medicare Advantage. By enrolling your Parts A and B will be covered through a private insurer who may also have prescription medication benefits within the plan. Part D insurance covers prescription medications and is an optional coverage addition.

Medicare beneficiary quick facts for Memphis

In 2014, Shelby County had 129,460 people on Medicare. Medicare recipients were, on average 71 years old in Shelby County in 2014. 40% of Shelby County Medicare dollars went towards inpatient care. Four percent Shelby County Medicare dollars went towards home health care. Eight percent of Shelby County Medicare dollars went towards skilled nursing care.

Memphis Medicare services- Where to find help

The best place to find face-to-face help with your Medicare application or answers to questions on your benefits is at your local Memphis Social Security office. There are three locations in the greater Memphis area. They are: 1330 Monroe Ave Memphis, TN 38104 Phone: 1-866-336-2212

3602 Austin Peay Hwy Memphis, TN 38128 Phone: 1-855-420-8557

3461 South Third St Memphis, TN 38109 Phone: 1-855-782-9155

To determine which is closest to you, input your zip code here for assistance.

How to locate providers who take Medicare in Memphis

The best way to find a doctor in Memphis who accepts Medicare patients is through the online search tool. Here you can input your criteria to find a selection of doctors within a radius of an area or zip code who have a specific speciality like geriatric or family medicine. You can also search by doctors who accept Medicare assignment, meaning there will be no additional fees on top of your deductible and coinsurance, or expand your search to all medical professionals who accept Medicare patients. Be aware that, if a doctor does not accept Medicare appointment, you may be billed for some services after your visit. Once you’ve narrowed your criteria you can click on a provider listing to see the details of the doctor, their location, office hours, contact information, hospital privileges, and compare them to other doctors in their same practice. Soon, a functionality will be available to allow you to conduct a side-by-side comparison of doctors from different practices.

Finally, the website also has a number of additional ways to search for Medicare-friendly providers for services like nursing homes, medical equipment, dialysis centers, home health care, and hospitals and view detailed information on each of your options.

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