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Live Like a Local in Memphis

Are you planning to go to Memphis anytime soon? You are in for a very good time, especially if you know where to go, where to eat, where to shop, and of course where to get a haircut. Memphis is arguably the home of Rock n Roll since it is home to the Sun Studio and the legend Elvis Presley. Therefore, as you make your way from one tourist attraction in Memphis to the next, here are some places you have to visit with your friends:

Dine Like A Memphian

Capriccio Grill - Peabody Hotel Memphis is the place to have a taste of what fine dining in Memphis is all about. Under Chef Derek Smith's direction, the steaks you will find here are second to none owing to just how succulent and delicious they are. The perfectly cooked seafood, the Fried green tomato sandwiches, and the restaurant's elegant atmosphere make it the ideal place to have lunch or dinner.

Hardly will you find better tasting barbecue in Memphis than the barbecue you will find at Central BBQ. All the barbecue ranking in Memphis have placed Central BBQ in the top three positions since 2003, clinching the top position over ten times within that period. A secret combination of dry spices is used to marinate the premium meats for 24 hours before smoking and cooking them slow in the pit, for them to achieve their amazing great taste.

Huey's is the best place to get a burger in Memphis since this burger place boasts of having over 13 amazing types of burger choices, delicious sandwiches, great tasting salads, and soup that is to die for.

Best Shopping Spots places In Memphis

If you are looking for the most upscale retail center in Memphis, then you need not go any further than Laurelwood Shopping Center. Enjoy shopping at the high-end clothing labels stores, buy a gift for a friend at Le Fleur, browse through and even purchase a book from the locally owned booksellers, and even get some jewelry and fur at very affordable prices here.

You can find the best art galleries, interior design shops, and casual restaurants at the Chickasaw Oaks Village, a small indoor mall that looks like a village. Shop for the finest stationery and gifts at Mrs. Post and buy beautiful interiors from Lisa Mallory interiors.

The Regalia at Ridgeway Center is the best place to go shopping for clothing, home accessories, and gifts among other precious things. Memphians come here to visit various stores with one of the most famous stores being the preppy Vineyard Vines, owing to the high quality tasting wine you can find here.

Best Place To Get Your Hair Done In Memphis

Most people in Memphis, both men, and women have great hair all year; with the abundance in great salons, being one of the reasons the above is the scenario. Salons such as the Ella David Salon offer great styles, a wide range of colors, and excellent skincare for clients; such are great places to get your hair done.

Men can have professionals at Baron's Man Cave shave their heads in the most popular cuts or have them follow a particular style that is most appealing to them.

The above is just a little about life in Memphis, start here and you can be sure of an experience of a lifetime.

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