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How to Get Around Memphis Without Driving

There are a lot of things to see and do in Memphis. If you’re a senior who can’t drive or just don’t have a car, it can be very difficult to get around your town. While it’s never easy to give up your driving rights, it doesn’t have to mean a loss of your freedom. There are many different ways you can get around town from taxi’s to ride sharing services to public transportation, there is a form of transportation for every situation and every senior.


Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) is the public transportation system here in Memphis. This includes all forms of public transportation like buses, trolleys, and MATA plus. MATA plus is a shared ride service that is meant just for those who have disabilities. Each vehicle is equipped to accommodate those who are in wheelchairs or can’t get around as easily. MATA covers over 300 square miles of Memphis so no matter where you need to go, you can use public transportation. Seniors and seniors with disabilities pay a lower fee and all you have to do is a get a MATA ID from the William Hudson Transit Center.

Taxi Services

You can also opt to get a taxi for your errands or appointments. There are a few different services in Memphis including MetroCab, Bluff City Taxi, and Yellow Cab. Taxis are a good way to get around town or even to the airport quickly and many will allow you to schedule rides in advance. A few services even have their own app, so you could schedule a ride for a loved one even if you aren’t there with them.

Ride-Sharing Services

Ride sharing services are another option for seniors that need to get around. Uber and Lyft both operate in Memphis and both offer ways to book rides in advance either from your computer or your home. These services also have door-to-door service so you don’t have to worry about walking from a bus or a trolley stop to your destination. Make sure that you fully understand the pricing of these services though because they will fluctuate throughout the day, especially at peak travel times due to surge pricing.

Senior Care Transportation

Many in-home caregivers and home care services will offer transportation for the seniors they serve. This is a really nice feature because you don’t have to worry about strangers being with your loved ones. It’s also nice because seniors can use their own car if they have one or if for some reason they can’t leave the house, their caregiver can run their errands for them. Home Instead, Visiting Angels, and Right At Home are all services in the Memphis area that offer some form of transportation. Check with each caregiver to see what they can and cannot do when it comes to transportation.


ITNMemphis is a dignified senior transportation service that provides rides for seniors and the visually impaired in parts of Memphis. They operate much like a taxi or ride-sharing service in that you get door-to-door service but the drivers are also equipped to handle the needs of seniors. This ride service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so even if you have an emergency in the middle of the night you can find a ride. They also offer a lower fare than most taxi services in the area.

ITNMemphis is a membership-based organization and you will have to apply to start using their services. They have an annual fee of $45 per year and after that, you just have to pay for any rides that you might take. They do have a program for low-income seniors that might not be able to afford the membership. You can call (901) 833-7666 to ask for more information or find out how to start using the services immediately.

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